11 Ways of Durood Pak(That May Change Your Life)

There are a number of ways through which we can recite 11 Ways Of Durood Pak which will change our life for sure. We will see a lot of changes that will come into our lives after reciting this on a daily basis in different ways. 

If we recite it in a proper manner we can change our luck and also solve the problems in which we are dealing in our life. Durood Pak is very near Allah if we recite it on a daily basis then we will get to solve a lot of issues. 

It will give you a glow on your face and even a beautiful spark to your face. If we have any sins, we can get rid of them by reciting Durood Shareef. When it is narrated at the time of dua then it is known to be most effective at that time. 

What Are The Benefits of Doing Durood Shareef?

  1. Closeness to Allah- The nearness to Allah is essential because if we are close to them then we are so lucky. Also, we are so blessed if we have a space near Allah.
  2. Removal of Sins- There is the removal of all sins if we conduct the durood pak daily 100 times. It depends on you the way you want to narrate.
  3. Glowing of Skin- We have such glowing skin and an even more natural glow on our faces. And also we will have a happy and healthy life if we include it in our routine. 
  4. Way to heaven- It is known to us as the way to heaven because we know if we talk even about Allah then we get so many blessings from them. 
  5. Remove Anger issues- The anger issue is completely removed if done in a continuous manner. There is even more calmness in our nature after conducting it.
  6. No issue of Poverty-  There are a number of people who are having issues related to money. If someone wanted to be out of poverty then they should conduct it 1000 times daily in the evening or morning. 

As Durood Pak is shorter in length but it has a long-term effect on our lives. It has a lot of turning effects on every individual. If someone recites any of the Durood Sharif then for them all the doors of blessing will open. You Also recite the Dua To Make Someone Talk To You Again.

Durood Ghousia

This Durood is known by the name of Ghous-E-Azam because they used to recite it on a daily basis. Whoever narrates Durood Ghousia will be able to boost his memory for better memory.

If there is the regular chant of durood Ghousia then there will be an increase in the wealth also. Your financial issues will be solved very soon. Your reputation and respect will increase in society. 

Durood Shifa

Durood Shifa is especially for the means of cure. If anyone is suffering from any kind of disease then they should definitely go with Durood Shifa. Because we used to do Durood shifa in every dua. But it should be chanted about 11, 21, or 31 times. You Also recite the Powerful Dua To Get Someone Out Of Jail.

Life is unpredictable nowadays so, it is better to find a cure for our diseases on time. In case there is a problem related to the heart it is known as one of the best 11 Ways Of Durood Pak for the heart. There are a lot of issues like weak heart, heartbeat problems, or heart failure kind of issues, Durood Shifa is the best one to get out of it. 

Durood Nariya

If anyone in the world recites Durood Nariya one time daily then they will notice a lot of changes in their personal life problem. Having problems in life is a very common thing, you can get every problem if you are reciting Durood Nariya for a lifetime one day. Read Dua To Recover Money From Someone.

There is the power of the soul in the man who conducts it with their heart and mind. We can conduct it for as much as you can. 

Durood Qalbi

This is especially true for people who can’t control their anger. There is always one member in the family who has anger which is very difficult for them to control. They should narrate it daily in the evening as well as morning. It will help you to calm your anger and make you a person with a relaxed mind. You Also recite the Powerful Dua To Make Relationships Stronger.

If the person is suffering from this issue and is not able to do this then other family members can also do this. We should make one thing right that is always take the name of the person before doing this and say one time, what relation you are having with them.

What Is The Importance of Durood Pak?

Durood Pak is as important as eating food. When we narrate dua or wazifa, if you have done it before then you must know that Durook Pak is conducted at the start and at last of it. So from this, you must come to know about its importance. 

Moreover, there are a lot of things that also play important role in terms of 11 Ways Of Durood Pak. It is especially to pure your soul and make your heart kind. This is going to remove all the bad thoughts and sinful things from your mind as well as thoughts. So, what can be better than this? 

If you are not even conducting any kind of dua or Wazifa then you can even conduct it alone. This will also change your life to the fullest. Also, read Powerful Ruqyah Against Evil Eyes.


The above-given 11 Ways of Durood Pak are beneficial for each and everything. It depends on how you take it. All this has its own kind of importance but without knowing its most famous effect. If you narrate it and make it a habit of reciting this you will be free from all the diseases, problems, depression, marriage problems, or anything that is bothering you in your life.  

So, start doing this Durood Shareef as soon as possible to get out of every problem you are dealing with in your life. All these are according to Quran and when something is suggested by Quran no one can say no. 

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