Benefits of Surah Al Fatiha

Surah Al Fatiha is the first surah of the Quran and without this surah, no prayers are been done till now. It is the surah that is even done by a child of the Muslim people. This surah is the father of Surah in the Quran. Moreover, it has seven verses in it and has an important place in the Quran. We have a lot of benefits of Surah al Fatiha which we will discuss in this article. 

The meaning of Surah al Fatiha is “Guidance in the right direction”. It is the one that will chant in order to reach one’s life goals & increase knowledge on a daily basis. When we are remembering Allah, it is firstly important to conduct surah al Fatiha with it.  

Meaning of Surah Al Fatiha 

Before we come to the benefits of Surah al Fatiha, it is essential to know its in-depth meaning of it. The Surah Al Fatiha basically means “the key which applies to any lock”. That means if we narrate this dua then any kind of problem, not a particular issue but everything that is troubling you, will be very soon solved. Read Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning.

It is very difficult to understand the meaning of Surah Al Fatiha because it has a deep meaning that can’t be always understood by everyone. If you want to under the meaning then you have to know the meaning of each and every word given in this article. We are praying to Allah through this surah to give us guidance in the right way. So, that we don’t move to the wrong path in our journey.

Benefits of Surah Al Fatiha

Al Fatiha surah unlocks all the doors toward Allah. No prayer or dua is taken up if this Surah is not recited with it. There are too many benefits if we recite it on a daily basis like increased attention towards Allah, making us better human beings, and supporting our dedication towards Allah. 

Dua’s Are Always Answered Very Soon

  • If the first surah of the Quran is always done with the dua or any kind of prayer then all the dua’s will be answerable by Allah very soon. We all want our needs and wishes must come true as soon as possible. Also, we are aware of how important it is for us to make our wishes true. 
  • Image if you have to take money from someone for quite a long time, and you want it back recite this surah 1000 times in a single time. Remember don’t get up in between the surah do it in a single sitting. Read Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only.

Increase In Possibility

  • The possibility increases of getting a job if in case you are not getting a job. There will be a shield outward the job that you are doing, and no one will be able to remove you from that position of the job. Promotions are always ensured if done in a routine. Most of the time people want to do their own business, but they are not able to take steps towards it. If surah is always recited over a period of time then you will be successful in your business whatever business you are taking over. 
  • No one in the world is there who doesn’t want to have a good reputation in terms of money and respect. Everyone has money their own money, no one wants to share it with anyone. So, it is essential to earn our own money. 

Good Health

  • In today’s generation, no one eats healthily, and even every food is mixed with so many chemicals. No food gives proper nutrition to the body. So, it is better to take cure timely for our health. We know nothing is before health. If you are not well then there is no means of money or anything in your life. Do conduct this surah al Fatiha daily for a healthy life. 

Cure From Evil Eyes

  • There are always people around us who are not happy with our success and they want us to let down. But it is the al-Fatiha surah that will make it a comfort zone for us to be away from those people. It will give us a sign that someone is around us who is not thinking good for us. 

Enemies Will Go Away

  • No enemy will stay near you if this surah should be recited in a proper manner. A magical power will keep them away from you of this surah. That is why it is always said that you should recite this surah as much as you can. All the benefits will is always given to you with the great blessing of Allah.

Decision-Making Power Will Become Strong

  • Most people are always confused about which career or what stream they should choose. Moreover, there are a number of people who are so bad at making decisions. Whole lives they struggle a lot, they need others to decide what they actually should do. So, it is the best way to make your decision power strong and a king/queen of their own. 
How Is Surah Al Fatiha Recited? 

This surah is consistently done and always told that it is the summary of the Holy Quran. Must be always recited in the way told in this article. Start it by saying Bismillah and take a deep breath while taking the name of Allah. You have to read it slowly so that no one listens to you and do it with all your heart so that Allah has no option except listening to your surah. Recite it in a proper rhythm and space which is in between the words. Gratitude and respect should always be there whenever you perform it. Read Dua To Break Someone’s Engagement.


It is one of the known Surah which is knowledge to everyone. Even a child knows about this surah but it is also important for us to tell them its importance as well as benefits. So, that they can perform with attention toward Allah and create more faith for Allah. Knowing the benefits of dua is also a good thing for everyone so that everyone has some greed while performing and doing it with their heart and mind.

Frequently Asked Question 

How is Surah al Fatiha beneficial for the chidrens?

Surah al Fatiha is good and beneficial for all age groups. As children, they get the benefit of scoring good marks in class. Also, if children do it in the right way, they will definitely have a bright future ahead in their lives. Their future will be secured by Allah and you can feel relaxed for the future of your child. Also, read Dua To Make Someone Talk To You Again.

Will Surah al Fatiha help people to get out the diseases?

It is definitely going to help you and even old age people to cure various diseases. Always remember it is also like a medicine that one should take when they are not well. But in case someone is not in a condition to conduct it then their family member can definitely chant it for them.

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