Dua E Tawassul – Seeking Nearness To Allah

Dua e Tawassul is the most famous dua known to us. Many people wanted to know about this dua in detail. All these dua are not known not every one. It has all the chances of getting nearer to Dua. There are many things that are going to happen to you with all good in it but there is something around you: don’t let it happen. 

Whatever you need in your life will come to you, if you do it regularly and consistently. Many people around us don’t want us to get anything that makes us happy.   

What Is Tawassul?

The word Tawassul means nearness, which means to get nearer to Allah and tell him whatever is in our mind & what we want in our life. Through Tawassul we can gain the power to get closer to Allah. This dua in the book Bihar-al-Anwar, and a dua with the same name—Dua-e-Tawassul or dua Tawassul—also exist. Read The Best Reasons To Observe Ramadan This Year.

It is a dua given by Shia Muslims for different reasons. They recite this dua every Wednesday to gain the blessing of Allah. Moreover, done at a place where Shai Muslims get together and perform dua because there are many benefits of conducting Tawassul. 

The Proper Way of Conducting Dua E Tawassul

Most people don’t know about the proper way of conducting Tawassul. It is a way of going closer to Allah as suggested in the Holy Quran. If you actually have eager to gain something in life then you should perform this dua. Read Powerful Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart.

There Are Different Ways of Conducting This Dua We Will Study In Detail.

  • Tawassul by use of Allah’s Names and Qualities
  • By Mentioning Allah’s Favours, perform Tawassul
  • By Bringing Up the State One Is In, Tawassul
  • The Tawassul by Doing Good
  • And Tawassul by Requesting a Dua from Someone

Tawassul By Use of Allah’s Names And Qualities

This method is in the Islamic text and it is one of the outstanding patterns of performing Tawassul. 

Is Prophet always says if we ask Allah for something we actually want then we ask them humbly then they actually give a response to us. Whatever we wanted they gave us. Waseelah was therefore sought in this dua via the qualities of wisdom and strength.

It means if we perform this dua while making the request to Allah then this is going to help us gain the attention of Allah towards us. Also, read Powerful Dua For Someone Passing Away.

By Mentioning Allah’s Favours, Perform Tawassul

If we perform Tawassul, taking attributes and names of Allah is the best known and performed Tawassul. By performing it by the name of Allah, most of the results in this method.

Tawassul has the power to move toward Allah through his great power. Even the Prophet said, “ If someone did dua e Tawassul through the name of Allah then Allah will respond very soon”. So, through this also we came to know how important this way is to perform Tawassul.

By Bringing Up The State One Is In, Tawassul

We can conduct the dua e Tawassul by taking the name of Allah in the state where we are badly trapped. It is a way to tell Allah, how important it is their blessing for us and how bad is our condition. Read Ishtikara For Love.

If we do this dua then we tell Allah, about our condition like what actually we are feeling and how much we are heart from the situation we are facing. 

There are many stories in the past that tell us about the importance of performing the dua e Tawassul and the stories also give us the reason for performing this. 

Tawassul by Doing Good

The most powerful Tawassul can also do this through charity or doing something good for others.  We can ask Allah, that we have done a lot of good in my life for my family and also for the people in need. Please grant my dua that we are going to make. 

If we do charity or do something for people who are in need, we get so many blessings from Allah. They wanted us to do good as it is also one of the greatest and most wanted dua in the Quran Verse. It is one of the best things one can do in Islam. All these things happen when we trust Allah and believe in his every action. Read Dua To Make Someone Miss You.

Tawassul by Requesting A Dua From Someone

Making dua for other people also adds a lot of good things to our future. As when we pray for others or even for our loved ones then dua e Tawassul is the best for them. It is one of the best dua one can make for others, We should pray for others as well. Because it is the only thing we can do for others. Read Dua To Make Someone Marry You.

So, we should perform dua for other people as well. If Allah has made us a human then it is our duty to do good for others. Never tell anyone even then you are praying for them or anything. Praying for others is such a good thing that we can do for a full lifetime. Because today’s world is fully selfish, no one can see others growing.


This is to inform you that whatever ways given in this article are in the Quran, no one can deny that it is one of the most done dua in Islam. We can make sure that this dua e Tawassul gives very unique results and you will be so blessed to do such dua.  Never tell anyone about you are conducting this dua. As we are the ones who can make a shield to protect us and our families. Dua e Tawassul is one of the best dua one can make for seeking nearness to Allah. Nothing can change if we have done well for others. Being near Allah is one of the greatest blessings that can be through dua e Tawassul. Also, read Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love.

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