Dua For A Good Spouse | How To Choice Good Life Partner

No one wants to have a spouse who is not good or doesn’t care about you right? So, it’s time to move out of this phase and start taking the dreams of a good spouse. Because today dua for a good spouse is going to help you find out the best Spouse. It will make sure that you will get the spouse with all those qualities you want in your partner. 

In most cases, in a parental arrangement marriage, we have to compromise on many things. And under the pressure of the family, we can’t say no to the family. So, in such a case, we have to remove such a circumstance.  And need to put effort into getting one of our choices. 

Guidance To Perform This Dua 

  • The foremost thing we have to keep in mind is, we don’t have to share any kind of information about this dua with anyone. If at all possible, avoid sharing it with anybody, especially those close to you. 
  • If a girl narrates this dua at the time of her menstrual cycle then this is going to have the worst effect on her dua or maybe their health.
  • We know that nothing is in our control, we can only conduct dua and request Allah for our wishes. So, keeping faith in him is always going to take us on the right path. 
  • There must be consistency in conducting the dua. If it is continuously left in between, it will have a negative impact on life.  

The Proper Way of Conducting Wazifa For A Good Spouse

Wazifa has a special space in the Quran. Most persons who want assistance and advice conduct Wazifa.  

  • Initiate with the process of wudu as always. 
  • Now take some bowl made of clay and pour clean aro water in it. 
  • Then sit at a place where you feel comfortable and chant the word “YA WADOODO”.
  • Now, you have to describe all the qualities you want in your spouse to Allah in detail. Accordingly, Allah looks for you the right person who deserves you the most. 
  • Next, drink the aro water in a single sip and end this wazifa saying “ Oh lord I trust you and I know you will bless me with the best”.

Dua, You Must Know For A Good Spouse

This dua is going to bless you with the persons who are there to meet you and the one who is always with you. The main thing about marriage is for girls, as they have to leave everything from their past life and move to another house. They are always concerned about the type of partner they get at that moment. So, this dua is especially essential for girls to get a life partner. Read Wazifa For Fast Love Marriage In The World.

  1. When you have completely done with Sar Namaz, then start with properly doing the wudu
  2. Next, you have to make sure, we have to perform the durood sharif 11 times if we want to make ourselves pure at the time of Dua.
  3. “Fasaqaa lahumaa summa tawallaaa ilaz zilli faqaala”– narrate it 51 times without any gap. 
  4. Afterward, conduct any Surah which you know for the purpose of marriage. 
  5. End it with Pray the Salatul Jumu’ah for two rounds. 

This will be one the best Dua you will come to your knowledge till know for the good spouse. Also, most of the people who actually wanted to have a good spouse conduct this dua.

Which Surah Is Best For A Good Spouse

If you have any doubt regarding love that actually exists in this cruel world? This question has a loud yes. This will assist you in meeting the individual who is here on earth for you and is your soul mate. When you are in the process of making the Surah you have to show faith in Allah and there must be a proper concentration while conducting it. Read Dua For Love.

First, Surah Yasin is always conducted because it is one of the most favorite Surah in the Quran which fulfills every need of the person. Then chant in a proper manner “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem” 111 times just after the namaz which you perform on a daily basis.

Next, Surah Duha is almost done with getting the most suitable proposal at the right time and for a partner who is actually made for you. If Duha Surah is basically done two times a day for 7 days regularly then you will start getting the proposals for marriage soon. And even your parents will also not force you to make decisions in their favor.

Special Points About This Dua

If this dua is made with full devotion, belief, faithfulness, and dedication then there are no precautions for such people. All such factors have some which will definitely make your dua complete.

Moreover, if there are any photographs which are of your family, they will help you find a partner and guide you on how to choose a good life partner. This is one of the most wonderful gifts Allah brought upon us. If there is a delay in the findings, please be patient. Read Wazifa To Bring Someone Back.

Always remember one thing in mind if anything is related to time delay then Allah gives more effective and fruitful results if it is taking time. This will also help you marry the person you love the most. Because Allah also wants two persons two to get married only if they are in love. 


Dua for a good Spouse is giving results on a daily basis. Most people are making this thing true and telling them they have got the best spouse who takes care of them and looks after them with a kind heart. 

Your partner will also make you feel special each and every day if you get married after conducting this dua. Without using logic or Haram, purity and faith may guide you to the finest things in life. You will receive what you are due directly from the cord while leading an easy existence similar to Jannat.

Frequently Aske Questions

In addition to making dua, how can I find a suitable life partner?

You should seek a person, who respects your faith and values your Allah. Always communicate with each other while being honest and loyal to each other, on every topic. Never take your decision alone, if possible involve the family as well as your nearby friends. If you want respect, happiness, and compatibility in your relationship then always look for it. 

Can I only recite dua, for a good spouse?

Yes, if you have belief in Allah. But at the same time, you can do dua for a good spouse with practical steps for finding a good spouse. You can take advice from the trusted people around you and ask someone close to you, to find a good spouse for you. Also, read Powerful Islamic Wazifa For Love Back.

How can I benefit from this dua?

Dua is a heartfelt request to Allah for delivering us the direction for a good spouse. The spouse who sports us stays loyal and brings goodness goodness in our lives. This dua will help us find a righteous partner and the one who is made for us and also compatible with us. 

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