Dua For Good Wife

A wife is an essential part of life, who takes care of you and stays with you in every situation. Having a wife in life is such a blessing, as many people face problems while finding a wife or a life partner in life. If you got, Dua for a good wife in life then your life is heaven, if not then life becomes very difficult. 

So performing dua for a good wife and life is very important. We will provide you with powerful dua that will help you find the best partner for you. 

How Can We Get The Best Wife?

Without Allah’s help, one cannot get the best life or wife in their life. Blessing of Allah and dua to Allah is very important before you start finding your wife. In case, you don’t get the wife you want then your life will not be good, right then dua is definitely very important to perform.

Plus it is very also very essential that you get a wife at the right time because if the proper time passes then you have to compromise on so many things. For getting a wife who is honest as well as loyal to you, dua is the only key to it. Read surah for love marriage.

Dua For The Good “Wife” In Life 

  • The first step you have to do is make a proper fresh Wudu and go into a fully silent room. Then have full intentions and feelings of conducting the Dua.
  • Keep in mind you have sat in a place where there is no dust on the floor and should be cleaned properly.
  • Then you have to narrate two rakat rail namaz.
  • Afterward, just close your eyes for exactly 11 minutes and pray for a good wife in the future.
  • Next, we have to narrate Durood Shareef 121 times and just ask Allah to complete every wish of yours.
  • Read the following 11 times more:-

“Allahumma inni asaluka khayraha wa khayra maa tabaarak wa tawalla ilaiha”.

  • At last, narrate Durood-e-Tunjeena 9 times.

The final step is the most essential portion of the Dua. So, if you have started to perform the dua then don’t leave in between as it may be added to your sin. 

The Reason Behind Following The Dua?

Many couples have issues after the marriage as their wife may not be adjusting, not able to understand them, or many other problems they may face after the marriage. This situation becomes worse when it comes to the divorce point.

The reason behind performing this is only, that you don’t go throw such problems and your life becomes very difficult for you. There are many other reasons that if your partner is really not your match then you are not able to talk to each other. If you are not able to share your feelings then their no means of having a soulmate.

The partner should be someone with whom you can share all your feelings, and speak whatever is in your heart without thinking once. There should not be any kind of bad thing about other people in your heart. a dua to find your soulmate.

Surah And Wazifa For A Perfect “Wife”

  • Initially, again sit on the daily prayer mat. 
  • Next, you have to conduct and narrate Durrod Shareef 7 times.
  • Then, you have to recite the name of “Allah” which will give you the mind of selecting the best wife for you. 
  • In the next step, again you have to repeat the second step.
  • Remember to perform it regularly so that you get whatever you want in your life. 

If This Dua Is Not Working Then What To Do?

In case this dua is not working, then perform some steps given below:-

  • Get up early in the morning, as early as possible.
  • Never wear clothes that are not clean, and shower properly.
  • Take a piece of yellow color paper in your hands and write the qualities of your wife that you need in her.
  • Narrate durood-E-Pak and blow in air properly without thinking anything bad in your heart and mind.
  • In the end, eat a sweet dish that is not in liquid form.

Also, read – Quranic dua for love.

From this dua, you can also ask Allah, to make the marriage of yours with the one whom you have the feeling. If other people also have the same feeling then also ask them to perform this Dua. It is the perfect solution for a better partner in life.


Don’t tell anyone that you are performing this dua. Always be positive, and never have negative thoughts. If any case, there are bad thoughts then just think about Allah. 

Wear neat and clean clothes every day after the bath. Only have trust in Allah and your parents because they are the only one who thinks good for you.  

Be aware of the people who have bad intentions for you and never trust them. 


Having a soulmate is the goal of every individual because you have to spend your whole life with them. From the above-given dua, you will be definitely shocked by the results. As a result, you will see that you get the best wife you deserve. You should perform this Dua for good wife with all your heart and there should not be any bad intentions against anyone. If you perform this dua on a daily basis and get the best results. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

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