Dua To Break Someone’s Engagement

Being loved by someone is the nicest thing in the world and it is not inappropriate to love someone. Getting the one in your life who loves you more than anything is a blessing by Allah. Because in today’s time, no one cares about anyone. Dua To Break Someone’s Engagement and Marriage will help you to get the person you love the most.

If one of the individuals is not ready to marry another or doesn’t want to be a part of another life. Then Allah also doesn’t want to destroy each other life. Fights between them after marriage will bring their relationship to an end. This dua will only work for those whose ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to going to be part of someone else. It will not work for those who have bad intentions or any evil kind of emotion toward anyone.

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Who Is Allowed To Perform This Dua?

People who are in love can go to any height to get the love in their life. Performing dua also plays a very important role because Allah wants the person who wants their love back in their life.

Allah bless those people actually want to be part of someone’s life who they really care about. There are a lot of things that matter while you perform dua, so it is important to take care of each and everything.  

Each one of us has some past and sometimes we cannot be out of it. And our parents fix our marriage with someone else. That situation is the worst thing ever, and in that condition, we are not even able to share this with parents.

So, at that point in time only we are able to do is conduct due to break your engagement and marriage. Splitting marriage and engagement will give you the best results if we do it from the power of the Quran. Couples can also perform this dua to kill the haram activities happening between a couple.

Selective Dua From The Quran To Break Engagement 

  • Initially, you have to make up your mind to perform dua with a positive mindset and heart. You ought to have faith in Allah’s Power and Mercy.
  • Do cleansing oneself with Wudu, which is required before performing dua for purity of spirit.
  • Sit in a place where you don’t get disturbed by anyone in the family or anyone else.
  • Then, say the dua for breaking the engagement:- 

“zaalikum yoo’azu bihee man kaana yu’minu billaahi wal yawmil aakhir; wa many yattaqil laaha yaj’al lahoo makhrajaa”.

  • Conduct this dua 111 times daily with a relaxed mind.

This is the superior and 100% effective dua for breaking engagement and marriage. After reciting the dua, ask the dua to fulfill your wish and encourage you & your family to make changes in the relationship for a better relationship. You need to do it every day for 31 days to get superb outcomes.

Most Demanding Dua For Breaking Marriage

When you are thinking of breaking marriage then your parents should also be in favor of you. As this dua will also work for your parents to agree with you to break your marriage. 

  • Firstly, you have to make everything pure around you and have optimistic thoughts about doing dua.
  • Then two times narrate Rakat Tahajjud Namaz.
  • In the next step, we have to conduct durood-e-aam.
  • This will help you to settle for performing powerful dua.
  • Afterward, in the holy book of the Quran open chapter 45 and read it carefully. 

“Rabbanaa Laa Tuzigh Quloobanaa Ba’-Da Id’hadaytanaa Wa Hab Lanaa  Mil Ladunka Rah’mah Innaka Antal Wahaab”

  • Execute the prior dua 111 times. 
  • At last, pray Allah might break the desired individual engagement. 

Never ask Allah to instantly complete your dua as good things take time. To perform it for 15 days daily and get the results. Read Wazifa For Divorce.

Wazifa For Breaking The Engagement And Marriage

  • It is a special kind of Wazifa and it should be performed before you move to bed at night. 
  • Have a proper and freshly made Ablution.
  • Then narrate Bismillah.
  • Do it with complete devotion to Allah.
  • Have a glass of water, just blow on it, and drink it in just 5 sips.
  • Don’t talk to anyone before and after an hour of performing the Wazifa. 
  • Complete it by saying “Alhamdulillah” thrice.

Complete it with determination in Allah and never forget to thank Allah for each and everything you have in your life. Make sure you don’t have bad intentions for anyone while you perform dua. 

What Benefits Do We Have of Performing Dua of Breaking Someone’s Relation?

As it is the best factor for taking help from Allah. So perform Dua To Break Someone’s Engagement with pure intentions and emotions. If you want to get married soon and want to break your engagement early then this dua is beneficial for you. 

This dua and Wazifa for breaking the relationship is taken from the Quran and the power of the Quran will help you to break the engagement and marriage soon. It is beneficial for both girls and boys, as Allah never makes a difference between both. 

If genuinely you have feelings for someone who is getting married to someone else then this dua will definitely work for you.


We can assure you that the Dua To Break Someone’s Engagement in a halal way, is going to be the most acceptable dua for breaking the engagement and marriage from the power of the Quran. This is a great way to tell your partner how much you love them and how strong their connection with them. Do it consistently and you’ll see the results. Stay strong and perform dua for the outcome. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

Frequently Asked Question

Breaking someone’s marriage or engagement is counted as Sins?

Yes, it is added to your sin if you break someone’s engagement or marriage. But if have genuine feelings for someone then it is not a sin. If you are getting married to someone forcefully, then this dua will help you to break the engagement or marriage.

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