Dua To Make Someone Love You Madly

Are you looking for a partner who is madly in love with you? You want them to adore you as much as you adore them. Then you’ve come to the correct spot as we will provide you with the best and most powerful dua to make someone love you madly.

This dua will help you to attract someone you love in the simplest way and in a very natural way. It is beneficial in every way such that you both will stick together forever and happily with each other. You will start to feel so good in a very short period. 

The reciprocal feelings in another person’s heart will be the best thing you will ever feel after the results you will see. 

What Is The Benefit of Performing This Dua For Love?

Dua can make everything possible that a person thinks something is impossible. Even though it can also bring your ex in your arms & a boyfriend or girlfriend will make you fall in love with yourself again. This is going to render it easier for you to marry him or her. Read dua for husband to love his wife only.

Many successful lovers have conducted this dua so there is no chance of getting failed. What else do we want if someone loves us very deeply and has a butterfly-like feeling? Right. So we can narrate this dua with full faith and concentration. 

Who Can Perform This Dua?

Everyone has a question that who else can perform this dua. This dua should be performed by the only people who believe in Alaah and they believe that this dua will give you 100% results. We want you to advise one thing if someone is around you who has a deep knowledge of performing the dua then you must take help from them because it will help you. 

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You can even perform spiritual practices with dua as it will increase the chance of success in every dua you perform. The only this is if you want the results then you have to believe in the power of Allah and keep performing the dua continuously. 

Dua To Make Someone Love You Madly

If you want to make someone crazy in love with you then you must have this dua that will increase your confidence and craziness for them.

  • First of all, close your eyes and then with full concentration read Durood Sharif 51 times.
  • Always take a proper shower before you sit for performing dua. 
  • After this read the dua given below:-

“Wa alqaitu ‘alaika mahabbatan minnee wa litusna’a ‘alaa ‘ainee”.

Narrate this dua one hundred times while imagining the face of your loved one.

  • Next, urge the Surah Yasin 71 times to make them love you crazily.  
  • Eat a sweet dish, for ending the dua and for making proper faith in Allah. 

What Should You Do If The Above Dua Does Not Work?

In case you are not getting the required benefits from the dua given above, then you must have an alternative option that will facilitate creating someone who falls for you. Then read out the following option that you must consider if it doesn’t work.

  • Initially, you have to make the proper fresh and clean ablution. 

(If you believe in conduction dua wash your face properly, rub your hands before starting the dua, and clean your legs to the ankles)

  • Then you should do wuzu for making someone miss you.
  • Next, narrate the dua given below 11 times after every namaz.

“Fa in tawallaw faqul hasbiyal laahu laaa ilaaha illaa Huwa ‘alaihi tawakkkaltu wa Huwa Rabbul ‘Arshil ‘Azeem”.

After performing the dua ask SWT to fulfill all your desire. Making this dua will add sugar and immense to your love. 

How You Can Perform This Dua?

Always remember to perform the proper wuzu on time and also in between the Adhan and Iqamah. Narrate “Ya Mujeebu Ya Mujeebu Ya Mujeebu”  one hundred one times. Never perform it without taking a bath it may be added to your sin. 

Never let anyone be in between you and another person. If there is someone never do anything wrong to them because this dua is as powerful as you don’t have to do anything wrong with anyone. Also, read Dua for waking up in the morning by clicking here.

Wazifa That Will Help You Make Someone Love You Madly?

To start the Wazifa you have to ask Allah to make someone love you shortly and get you married to them shortly. 

  • You have to initiate with the wuzu.
  • Then take a seat at a proper peaceful place.
  • Afterward, narrate Durood Ibrahim five times, before you initiate the Wazifa.
  • Next, perform the following Wazifa 5 times:-

 “Wama Adraka, Al Qariah, and Mal Qariah Malqariah Yauma Yakunoon Nasuqal Farashil Mabthooth Wata Kunul Jeebaluqal Heinilmanfoosh Faammaaman Ishatir Raadiyah Waamma Mankhafwat Mawa Zeenu Fahuwafee Haawiyah Wama Adraka Maahiyah Narunhamiyah Thakulatmawaa”. 

  • Again, re-read Durood Ibrahim five times. 
  • Now, pray to Allah to complete all your desires.

Remember to never adore anyone more than Allah. As we all know Allah is the one who has created us. He is most generous and forgiving to all of us.  If you perform the Dua To Make Someone Love You Madly on time then there is no one to stop the result. Always be positive with your partner in every phase of your life. Never let anyone know that you are performing this dua and execute it with full devotion to Allah. Check our blog for more.

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