Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice

What else do we need in life if we are allowed to marry the love of your life? Right! But a problem arises when we have to go through so many problems which come in between you and your partner. So, getting out of all these problems, we should narrate dua to marry someone of your choice. 

It is a very simple way to express your feelings for your love of life and you will so confident about your feelings as well as emotions. If the dua is made with deep emotion, Allah will give you the best life partner of your choice. This dua will work effectively when you are actually in love with someone. 

Almost every couple who is intensely in love with their partner conducts this dua, for getting married.

 Significance of Performing This Dua

When two people are in a relationship for so many years, they usually want to be with their partner and want to marry each other. It doesn’t mean those who are together for less time can’t marry each other. Read Dua to get my love back from Quran.

Marriage is something that is going to happen in almost everyone’s life. If the life partner is good then everything goes smoothly in life. This dua is going to give you magical results and is going a have special importance in life for sure.

You may have tried so many ways before to be with that person. But still, you are not with them. This will be the last way you will try to be with your loved one. You need to also consider the ideal moment to say the dua. 

The Most Important Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice

  • First, you should take a proper place to perform this dua.
  • Then have wudu, for the purification of our lifelong things you have done in life.
  • Now, read Durood Shareef, as we always did for every dua.
  • Yeah, aiyuhal lazeena aamanut taqul laaha– recite it 111 times for getting married to the partner of your choice.
  • Then after narrating this dua, see the image of your partner, if you don’t have the image then see it on your phone.
  • To end this with a beautiful note, we have to ask for a blessing from Allah for getting married to the partner of your choice.

This dua is one of the best dua for being with your partner and you will love it when you will get the results from this dua. Read Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce.

Surah For Obtaining Your Ideal Spouse

Surah adds some special power to the Dua which completes our wish to get married to your partner. Almost everyone performs Surah along with this dua.

1.  First, you must be wearing clothes, in which you feel confident and also all your body parts.

2. Afterward, recite Surah Al-Baqarah verse 15 which is specially conducted for the purpose of marriage.

3. “ilaihil waseelata wa jaahidoo fee sabeelihee la’allakum tuflihoon”– You need perform this for completing this Surah properly 51 times.

4.  At last, Allah asks Allah to give you the best partner who always stays with you life long.

This is the perfect Surah for your partner. Next, we must be aware of all the bad and negative things happening around us.

Wazifa For Marrying A Specific Person

Most of the time, the problem that comes with marrying your partner is parents are not ready for it. And it is the most difficult task to get permission from parents. If we go against them, it is for sure that a couple will never stay happy throughout their life. Because as we know Allah never wants us to hurt our parents who are like Allah to us in this World.

1.    Start it by saying Surah Al-Ikhlas 41 times.

2.    After that, read the Durood Shareef three times for spiritual blessings.

3.    Again repeat the first step of  Ayat-ul-Kursi 21 times.

4.    Next, chant Durood e Sharif three more times.

5.    Perform this wazifa before you retire for the night on the bed.

6.    Finally, supplicate that All-Merciful Allah accepts your dua and causes him or her to adore and do a wedding with you.

7.    Inshallah, all your demands from Allah will be completed soon.

Perfect Way of Performing This Dua

When it comes to the way of performing dua to marry someone of your choice, there is no correct way to do it. One thing is always told by Allah that in any way you are narrating the dua, your trust, and faith say everything in the duration of the dua. If you conduct dua with a full heart and trust in Allah, then you will definitely get married to someone of your choice. Read Dua for exam success.

Whatever is done with faith in Allah, you will never feel disappointed by Allah. Because he knows everything about us and will give us the best. No doubt to say, he will do whatever is right for us. 


The main goal of this article and Dua is to help you get the special person you want to be your life partner and marry so you may spend the rest of your lives together. Dua is offered in the text so that you might wed the person you choose and love. It also highlights the significance of marriage in Islam as well as the efficacy of duas. So from all these things you can say, that Dua to marry someone of your choice is the best dua for you.

We have listed the guidelines for doing dua, such as the significance of maintaining bodily and spiritual cleanliness and the suggested frequency and timing for doing so.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any dua which can help me marring soon?

Yes, there are many dua that can help you get married to your partner. You can narrate “Wallazeena yaqooloona Rabbanaa” 101 times. Make sure you are chanting it in the morning, not any other time. Then only you will be able to get the outcome from this dua. Also, read Powerful Dua to Change Someone’s Heart.

How we can know that someone is right for us or not?

If you want to know whether someone is right for you or not then you should perform this dua for it. After conducting dua, in a particular period of time, you will start getting the sign that someone is right for you or not.

Is there any way, to make someone love you immediately?

Yes, it is possible to make someone love you immediately if you are going to be humble with that person for your whole life. And this will happen only if you can make an excellent bond with another person with all respect and trust. 

How can I marry a person of my choice in Islam?

In case you are not satisfied with your given proposal then you can chant the dua given above, this is going help you get out of every problem. That is coming in the way of getting married to your loved one. One thing to always take care, you should conduct it after tahajjud prayer.

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