Dua To Protect My Husband Islam

Care and respect are regarded as the first things to be present between two life partners. There is no way for them to coexist if one of them goes missing. And even if one of the partners is not understanding this then we feel so frustrated in a relationship. But most frequently, it is a husband who loses interest in her wife. Those who are dealing with such a situation should narrate Dua to protect my husband Islam

Almost all the male partners go out for work and they meet so many people including the opposite gender as well. So, during their work they felt for other women, forgetting their wife was waiting for them at home. So, especially for that partner who is betraying their wife. And wife came to know that they can perform this and protect their husbands from other women. 

Extra Special Dua For Husband Protection

There are a lot of things that make us feel unsafe for our husbands. When we love our husbands so much it is quite obvious to be possessive about them. Therefore, it is essential to conduct dua for the husband’s protection from others. 

  • We have to perform this dua till Allah doesn’t answer our prayer. 
  • This is only possible if we start it with wudu.
  • Always make proper poses to narrate dua only your dua is always accepted by Allah.
  • “Bismillaah, tawakkaltu ‛alal-laah”– Do perform this dua with an open heart without hurting someone else.
  • Take a single sip from the Zam Zam water and after this ask Allah to completely protect your husband from other women as well as evil eyes. 

Finally, end this dua by making a fresh smile on your face and thanking Allah for everything. Read Powerful Surah For Love Back.

Unique Dua For husband Sucess 

We always pray to Allah about getting success. When your husband works hard for a better future, after so much effort still doesn’t get a better result then we need to perform dua for this. And let your husband feel happy about it. 

At the same time, we know it is the duty of a partner to pray a good and betterment for others. Many people get affected by evil eyes, black magic, and their enemies, if your husband is one of them then you should go for this dua. That will keep away all such things from his life. Read Powerful Dua For One-Sided Love.

Also, if your home is facing issues financially then this will also get solved after reciting such dua. The husband is the one who doesn’t share his maximum problem at home. They keep all things in their heart and never allow anyone to know about this.

There is no problem with whatever your husband is doing, whether it’s a business or any job, there will be huge growth in his career. Moreover, every day will bring growth in his life. One thing should be always remembered, if your business or job is illegal then there will be no results from the dua. Read Dua For Getting Married Soon.

Notable Wazifa For Husband Protection

Whenever we perform Dua at that point in time it is equally important that we perform Wazifa as well. Because as we do Wazifa, the chances of getting success from dua increase more and more. 

  • To make your soul pure, we have to take Wudu.
  • After this, we have to make sure, we have worn clean clothes which cover our full body. 
  • Then Narrate the two Nafal of the namaz tahajjud.
  • Afterward, we need to recite eleven times the Durood Paak.
  • Conduct “SURAT LAHAB” 17 times.
  • Repeat the first eleven times again Durood Paak.
  • For 21 days, say the Wazifa again.

This is a simple way of performing the wazifa, there is no step that is hard to perform. So, if you really want to protect your husband from everything then you can perform it very easily. 

Important Advice 

  • Always respect your husband and give them priority after your parents. 
  • Never talk in a loud voice with others this can affect your relationship a lot. 
  • Whatever problem you and your partner are having in your life, never let thirds come in between you. 
  • Ever judge each other on any issue. 
  • Always sleep after solving all the problems which you are dealing with each other.
  • Understand each other situation, before you start fighting with each other. 
  • Misunderstandings happen sometimes, so try to make everything clear between you. 

Best Surah For Husband Protection

Surah is something very important that gives us power, blessing, prosperity, and knowledge of various things. It can even protect us from unseen problems and also before coming to us, end the problem. If you narrate it on a daily basis in a loud voice then you will get so many benefits from this. 

  • Perform it just after the namaz Zohar.
  • One time, conduct “SURAT TAGHABAN” in its entirety.
  • Ask for pardon in the name of Allah Subhaana Tala by making dua.
  • Perform it every day and get the accurate result, more than you expect.

Surah should be recited with full faith in Allah without expecting anything in return.


Be aware of the people who are trying to hurt you and want to be with your husband. Your husband should always know his limits and then only this dua is going to work for you. 

You aren’t holding out for anything to miraculously change course on its own. That alone does half the work. You may now leave the remainder in the hands of the authorities. That refers to the powers of the great Almighty Allah Tallah and their control over the cosmos. However, you only need to conduct dua to protect my husband Islam for the best results.

He is aware of your needs. Therefore, when you are in communication with that source of love and empowerment, you will know exactly how to regain your husband’s lost affection. Also, read Dua And Wazifa To Break Relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct time to chant dua to protect my Husband?

The best time to conduct dua To Protect My Husband Islam is early morning before anyone walks up in the morning in your home. It will work most effectively when no one knows that you are conducting this dua. However, it is always recommended that you should always hide that you are conducting any kind of dua.

Will this dua also help in increasing love with the husband?

If you are praying for someone, to protect them from everything which is not good for them. Then there is no doubt that the love between you and your husband will for sure make a difference which means, your love will increase day by day. And also there will be fewer fights between you and your husband.

Can I start performing this dua at the time periods?

No, as it is always told in Islam, women should never conduct any kind of dua at the time of their periods. Because it is suggested that they are impure at this point in time. After periods, you can conduct it, for your husband’s protection and for their better life. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

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