How Do I Make My Child Love The Quran?

Growing love for the Quran in your child is a perfect goal for parents. Every parent wants to see their child opening and chanting the Quran on their own. We would love to see the child thinking about the Quran deeply and Acting according to the lessons of the Quran. Bringing excitement for knowing more about the Quran in children needs a lot of patience and understanding of the Quran. This article How do I Make my child love the Quran? It will help you develop and encourage your child to love and read the Quran. 

The Quran has the power to supervise us, we start having the feeling of being near Allah. This kind we all need in our life, which we can get from the Quran only. If you know the significance of the Quran then you must want your child to read and show interest in the Quran. We want our child to be in the right guidance i.e. Quran. 

Some Key Points That Can Help You Boost Love For The Quran In Children

Create An Environment of Islamic

The environment around the child plays an important role in the child’s life. The surroundings’ atmosphere, the people they meet, and the situations around them, children learn a lot from this.  So, making the Quran a part of home can encourage them to love the Quran. 

The Quranic environment acts as fuel to build a love for the Quran in children. When children see their elders reciting the Quran, they automatically start asking about it and want to follow the same. Visit the residence and connect with the people who are very religious towards the Quran with your children. Must Read Powerful Surah Mumtahina For Marriage.

Take them to the professional places of the Quran where they can get guidance about the Quran. Moreover, you can make a special place in the home to recite the Quran this can be used to tell them how important is the Quran. 

Let Children listen To The Quran Daily

This process begins, before the birth of the child, when you are pregnant. The mother can play a recitation of the Quran when they are doing their household work or at the time when they are relaxing. After birth, when your child cries, you can play the recitation of the Quran. This makes them habitual of listening to this, as when they grow, it will not be difficult for them to understand the wording. Read Powerful Surah Taha For Marriage.

When your children are growing, make a fixed time to recite the Quran in front of them. You should also sit with your child, for some time because at a younger age, they need attention. 

Tell Them The Meaning of Verses or Chapters

While you recite the recitation of the Quran, also tell the meaning of the Verses. But don’t irritate them with the deep knowledge. May your explanation be attractive, grab their attention, and increase their interest in the chapters of the Quran.

Always remember the delivery of the meaning should be appropriate for their age. For example, you are giving so much effort to make them understand the Quran. However, children are having difficulty accepting this. Then they will imagine for their whole life that the Quran is complicated. Also, they will not try again to know more about the Quran. Read Dua For Each Other.

So, it is suggested to give them knowledge using simple words, sentences, and phrases. Try to use facial expressions, if possible. 

Feed Love For Allah And Their Messengers

Always remember that the Love of Allah is already in the children. We only need to give growth to it, it all depends on you how you do it. Tell them the names of Allah’s names. Taught them Husn-az-zann billah so that they could understand how much love us. 

Tell them about the Jannah (heaven), knowing about this can bring interest in the Quran. We can even make dua in front of them or with them. 

Make the Quran More Interactive Using Signs And Action

Younger kids are the least who understand the language of words, but with the signs and actions of hands, it becomes easy to make them understand everything about the Quran. Through this, a child will be more comfortable expressing their emotion and feeling in front of you. 

Daily Tell Them Inspiring Stories Mentioned In The Quran

Every child loves to listen to stories even elders to love. The Quran has a bundle of stories that give us a lesson. You can sit with your child and watch Islamic cartoons, and even read books that deliver knowledge about the Quran. When you will tell them more stories, they will be more inclined towards the Quran and its knowledge. Read Powerful Dua To Forget Someone Properly.

Tell them such stories that they can relate to their life so that they can more easily connect to the Quran.

Conduct Activities In The Family 

Family is the primary place, where children get their first knowledge. Try to provide children with Customized toys related to Islamic culture. You can arrange a special mat for them to conduct prayers, and read Quran. Neven let them get bored or run from the knowledge of the Quran. Nourish and indulge them with different activities. 

Like organizing quizzes, sheets for practice, or oral tests to test their knowledge. The aim is to make learning easy of Quran for a better experience. It is one of the best ways to attract your child, How do I Make my child love the Quran? article.

Use Various Examples 

When you show something to children, they learn more easily. As sometimes it’s difficult for them to visualize things. 

Also, we know actions say more than words. Show them your love of Allah watching this will attract them toward Allah.

Tell Them To learn Hadith Each Day

When you teach them Hadith every day, they will learn more about the rewards and good things. We know more talks to children make their minds sharper and help them to grasp knowledge faster. 

Hadith and the Quran have a deep connection. If they will learn daily, then it will become easy to understand the Quran. 

Utilise Visual Aids

We can also use videos, books, or pictures to tell them the stories of Islamic Culture. 

For young minds, this will make every chapter interesting and engaging. 

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Ask Them To Understand Rather Than Memorize

Never force your child to memorize the Quran. Always give priority to making them understand. If you still want them to memorize then only ask them for a simple one. The chapter learning should not be considered a punishment for them. 


Every youngster views the world in a unique manner. So, their path for the love of the Quran may differ. Never, force them to read the Quran, our only motive is to direct them toward the guidance of the Quran and inspire them with lots of stories. You may assist your child in developing a real love and appreciation for the Quran by providing a good and supportive atmosphere. How do I Make my child love the Quran? Will be a blessing for you. 

Frequently Asked Question

If my child is not interested what i should do?

Firstly, you don’t have to force them and show some patience. At this point in time, you should create the proper environment of Islamic culture at home. Support as well as encourage them to love the Quran rather than insisting they do so. 

Should I Celebrate the achievements of my child during this journey?

Yes, you should celebrate each and every attainment this can give them motivation and increase their love for the Quran. Praise them for their efforts while learning the verses and surahs.

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