How To Know If Your Dua Is Accepted By Allah?

When we perform dua, a question in our mind is always one i.e. when Allah will accept our dua and when we will get the result. Also, sometimes we are in a dilemma whether the dua you have performed will give you the effect or not. This article is especially for How to Know if your dua is accepted by Allah.

As we know supplication is something that is done in the private and is a proper kind of worship. When we want to request Allah for something or want a blessing from Allah then we don’t need to conduct a tough dua or anything. This only requires your trust and faith in Allah. 

How To Know If Your Dua Is Accepted By Allah?

If dua is done by someone who is a true believer in Allah then dua is never rejecting for them. Allah is always in favor of those individuals who have pure belief in him. If prayer is done with pure intentions then it is a proper use of time and dua will be 100% accepted by Allah. If not then you will be any way informed of the rejection. 

There are some signs that your dua has been Accepted:-

Seeing Allah in Dreams- If after performing the dua, you have a dream of any Allah in your dreams. Then your Dua is about to come true to make your life colorful. It is not a common dream which usually comes in our dreams, it is a different one that you have not experienced before. Read Powerful Dua to get a job in 3 days.

Saw a white or green sign- When you are going somewhere either for work or any kind of place, you see most of the things in particular two colors, white and green. Then it is the best sign one has that his dua will come true very soon in the future. 

Some More Special Signs

Start accepting the Reality- There are a lot of situations in life that we have to deal with, either worse or happier. We must accept it as a fact of life. But accepting it also needs so much guts. So, when you start realizing that you are in reality then it is the most effective sign that you are actually going to get the results soon. 

Calmness in Nature- In our nature, there is some calmness, if we are near to the results of our dua. We will feel peace in our nature and we will not feel any kind of anger in you. Once you are into the calmness of our nature and know how to control yourself then no one can harm you in any way as well.

If You Want To Do A Proper Prayer For Allah Then It Should Be Included With

Ablution – We know that when we perform dua there is a need for Purity in us. In both the form of heart, mind as well as body. It is also important to conduct Ablution with Prayer, if not conducted with dua that also doesn’t matter. But ablution with Prayer is essential for our purity. Read Dua to make someone love you.

Always Praise Allah- When we begin the dua, then we should start it with the praise of Allah. Use the name of Allah which has some special meaning. It is going to give you the best results if done in a proper way.  

Make Dua for others- When we perform dua for others, Allah adds us to good books. It creates an image in front of Allah that we are not selfish and we also think of others. We are also not always asking for ourselves. Hence we have good personalities. If we talk about the one who always thinks about others then he is the Holy Prophet who makes dua for the whole natives of Muslims. 

Ask for Impossible things- Whenever we perform dua we should ask for things that can’t be done by us which means impossible things. However, we know that Allah has no limits to Power & we have no limits to Wishes.  So, we have to ask Allah for that thing which can only be done by Allah. If we ask for such things then we show blind trust towards him. Read Wazifa to break someone’s engagement.

Reasons Why Your Dua Is Not Accepted?

In case your dua is not acceptable then it can have multiple reasons like No patience, No faith in Allah, Involving Others in dua, thinking negatively, or evil eyes. 

Many individuals are very impatient about getting the results. They perform the dua more than the days it is recommended. So, we have to never rush here and there for the results because we know Allah is always going to bless us. Never tell anyone that your dua is not answered. 

Not trusting Allah and not having faith in them, is not going to give you results after performing the dua. Having trust in him is the most important part if you conduct any dua. However, the belief is not there that their no means of performing any dua. 

The impact of involving anyone in the dua except you then 99% of you will not get the result. However, you get the eyes of others on your dua which is the main reason for not getting the outcome. However, evil eyes also have a great impact if it is around you, so stay always awaken for such peoples. 


In this article, you will get the know How To Know If Your Dua Is Accepted By Allah. Whatever comes to your mind relative to this question, every answer is in this article. It will tell you the reason for not accepting dua, a few essential things that you must know before you narrate any dua, and many more.  Even Allah gives us so many signs that our dua is accepted by him. We only have to observe such signs. Moreover, we only need to trust Allah, all other things will be managed by Allah because he is the only one who always thought good about us. Also, read Dua for becoming pregnant fast.

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