How To Perform Tayammum? An Easy Guide

In the Muslim community, it is necessary to wash each body part before every prayer, salah, or reading of the Quran. Water is the main source required to cleanse the body, this cleansing of the body is called Wudu. This makes it compulsory to clean hands, face, head, forearms and feet. However, this article is all about How To Perform Tayammum. When there is no availability of water.

Tayammum is a kind of ritual performed in Islam, instead of Wudu. In case, water is not available for some reason, you are ill, you are out of the station, or have a deficiency of water in your area. Tayammum can be performed in place of Wudu at this time. The water should be pure and includes the water of melted water, river/sea water, or water from ponds.

What Does The Quran Say About Tayammum?

The meaning of Tayammum is purification, wiping the face and the whole body. 

Allah says:- “When you don’t find water, then perform at-tayammum with clean earth and rub your faces and hands with it”

“And if you are sick or on a journey, or one of you comes from a location of emptying himself, or you have encountered women, and there is no water, seek pure soil and wash your faces and hands (with it). Indeed, Allah is continually forgiving and pardoning.”

We get many conditions when we don’t have the availability of water. However, sometimes, even having available water at home we are not able to use it or touch it because of our sickness, or any elder person who is not able to move their body parts. This is the time when you are permitted to conduct the Tayammum. Must read How Do I Make My Child Love The Quran?

How To Perform Tayammum?

It is very crucial to follow the sequential order to perform the Tayammum. Memorize the correct instruction, and pattern of conducting it. So that you may carry it out correctly. If you make any mistakes, you must restart the process. Here is the way, You should perform Tauammm.

Narrate Bismillah

Begin with a set of words .i.e. “Bismillaah hirahmaan nirrahiim” 

“In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Compassionate”

It is the first phrase of the verse, of chapter one present in the Quran. This is a significant step as everything started with the name of Allah gives the best results. 

Conduct Niyyah

This step is to tell the intentions of conducting the Tayammum. We must do so by saying

“I am doing tayammum in place of wudu, for the pleasure of Allah and to seek closeness to him”. 

However, the Prophet has never done niyyah in a loud voice, and you as well don’t need to. What actually you want should be always in your heart. Must read Powerful Surah Mumtahina For Marriage.

Put Your Palms Against The Ground

In this part, you have to place your palm or hands on the clean surface of the earth. It will be best if the surface is natural such as clay, stone, or soil. Always consider the place which has no impurities in it. 

No need to cover all hands on the earth’s surface, only the palm is suggested to dig or touch it. The area should be properly clean and dry as well. 

Rub Hands on Your Beautiful Face

At this stage, you need your palm over the face. Join your palms & place both hands below the hairline, and pull down your hand towards the nose bridge. Recommended while making this step in action, only use your palms. Read Powerful Miracle Prayer To Get Married Soon.

Both sides of the forehead, from the ears to the brows, should be included.  

Cover Both The Hands

It’s time to move your left palm around the right hand from the wrist bone to the fingertips in such a way, that it also covers the back side of your right hand. 

Afterward, do the same with the right palm and cover the left hand in the same way. 

Again Place Your Palms Against The Ground

Again strike the hands towards the clean earth’s surface. So, that your palm can connect to the surface of the earth properly. 


Lastly, again cover your both hands. Start it in the same way as done before. If you have started with left start with left only and vice versa. 

Important Preparation’s

Spot A Clean Location

The place is supposed to be a natural one if possible like soil, grass, sand, any stone, or any lump of clay. To keep the rituals pure, the surroundings must be kept clean.

In case, the spot you consider is not clean, then you can make it impurity-free, by cleaning it with water. Read Powerful Wazifa For Love Back In One Day.

Remove The Non-Required Items 

If you need to perform Tayammum, you should wear clean clothes and cleanse your body properly. This includes no accessories like a ring, chain, or any anklet, and no cosmetics should be used by you like nail paint or foundation. 

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These items don’t serve any requirements in the entire Tayammum. 

Determine Whether Your Feet Require Ablution

If you are wearing shocks, then you can remove the shocks and wipe your feet with water. In case water is not then you can do this with baked earthen pots, limestone, clay, or something like these items. 

In What Circumstances Is Tayammum Permitted?

Deficiency of Water– If there is a shortage of water, you have water for your essential use only and not for cleaning your body or doing wudu. 

Low temperature – Whether changes, somewhere temperature is very low and we are not able to even touch the water. As a result, it might be fairly dangerous for the body, if you don’t have a heating instrument. 

At the time of illness– If you are suffering from an injury or you are sick using water can make your condition more harmful than tayammum is permitted. 

Missing the significant prayer– If you are in a hurry and you are missing an important prayer, then also you can conduct Taammum. 

When you are on a Journey– In case, you are traveling you have no place to do wudu then Tayammum can be performed with proper steps. 


Never consider Tayammum for every prayer, it is a temporary purification that is recommended only in times of emergency. If you have no valid reason to perform it, it is necessary to perform water wudu or cleaning rituals. However, the steps to conduct may vary from person to person, so confirm with your elders how to have good knowledge of the Quran. 

Moreover, the steps involved in it are quite the same as Wudu, but only in place of water, we use natural places. In this article, we hope that How To Perform Tayammum? Has helped you to get enough information about Tauammum.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Water is available, after performing the Tayammum then what i should do?

If you are already done with the Tayammum process, then you don’t need to conduct wudu after it. But for the next prayer, you have to follow the process of Wudu. 

Did I have to do Tayammum after every prayer?

Yes, Tayammum is considered for one prayer only. If you want to perform various prayers then you need to renew your Tayammum.

Can I use Tayammum for any kind of prayer?

Yes, it can be performed for any kind of prayer. If it is necessary or not. But if water is present at your place then prefer to do water wudu. 

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