Islam And The Islamic Talismans – A Complicated Story

The linkage between Islam and the Islamic Talismans is quite complex and intricate. Here the word Talismans is mentioned for the “Tawees” or “Amulets”. However, in the past, it had a prolonged history in the Islamic world. The story is a mixture of religious faith, cultural customs, and differences in religion.  

Historical Bases of Tawees

We have seen Talismans have been a great part of a lot of cultures in history. It is not unique to the Islamic faith. However, the use of these Taawees has been done for a very long time. This has been in Islamic Culture since pre-Islamic Arabian tradition. Read How To Perform Tayammum?

It was the time when people believed that it would protect them from harm and bring good luck into their lives. However, it was assumed that Taweez had spiritual Powers. There is still disagreement going on about who started first to use Tawees i.e.Prophet Muhammad or Arbs before Islam.

The Benefits And Drawbacks of Islamic Talismans (Taweez)

The use of Taweez Amulets or Talismans, has both pros and cons in society. It is significant to know about it. Every individual has their own point of view towards the Taweez. The same is true with the Taweez, it has its own opinion for every scholar and individual.

Some people believe that it provides protection from all negative energies, has healing effects, provides ancestral practices, and also helps in reducing stress. 

On the flip side, some said that it lacks in Quranic Basis, reliance on the supernatural, diversion from faith, and people becoming dependent. Who is true?

The fact is, this all depends on your way & knowledge, and understanding of Taweez, which helps to enrich our faith in Allah. It can give psychological usefulness such as protection qualities. Therefore, can give us security from evil eyes and black magic. Alternatively, it comes in superstition as if not done properly. Read Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice.

What Is The Right Process To Make Taweez?

In ancient times, Taweez was made from parchment, which means was prepared from the skin of any animal like deer, sheep, or gazelle. Now, it is seen as a very rare taweez which is made from parchment. Mostly in this era, it is made on paper. Some are also made from the metal but are very periodic. Must read Dua For A Good Spouse.

To protect the Taweez from getting wet or it may get a tear, then for making it right it is covered with leather case or may be metal. Remember, it will show its results, even after covering it. It is recommended that some rules must be followed while preparing the taweez.

It should have always the name of Allah and a prayer of the Quran while avoiding the black magic or other worship rather than Allah. Prayer written on the taweez must be approved by the Muslim Scholar. Material or anything used in the process of Taweez should be pure. It can strengthen the power of Talismans.

While making the Taweez you should have clear thoughts and know the exact reason for making it. We must not take it lightly since it will have an impact on people’s lives.

How It Is Beneficial To Use By Muslims

When Islam And The Islamic Talismans are carried or worn by the Muslims, this gives them protection. In different Muslim communities, its uses become different. 

Some Muslims feel that taweez can be useful in the following ways:

  • Secure from harm- Most people wear Taweez to protect themselves from evil eyes, negative energy, and bad thinking of others.
  • Health benefits- It helps us to promote our physical health and also improve our well-being. However, people wear it to get relief from their diseases.
  • Gives peace of mind- When we wear it, it gives comfort to Muslims and is a constant reminder of the faith in Allah. 
  • Other benefits- It constantly reminds us of the greatness and power of Allah. 

How Taweez Helps People

This helps to shower the blessing of Allah with the help of Taweez. If someone wants to get rid of negativity, then they can wear Taweez.  In case you want to get out the power of Evil eyes, then taweez gives the shelter to save you from such powers. Must read Powerful Ways Dua For Good Life Partner.

So, many people have said that they feel safe when they wear it and feel blessed by Allah. Because it contains the verses and prayers of the Quran.

Different Types of Taweez

  • Amulet for Marriage– This is basically used if you want to connect with your ex, attract your crush, and want to get married soon. The amulet will contain some romantic verses.
  • Taweez for Healing- If you are not able to come out of some situation, or any kind of disease then it can help type to stay out of it. 
  • Taweez for Protection- In case you want to stay protected from the spirits, supernatural power. Wearing Taweez can solve it.
  • For success and prosperity– Many people carry taweez for getting successful in their future and have capital.
  • Solves health issues – If someone has less blood amount or any other major disease then they can wear taweez.

How Do Islam And The Islamic Talismans Build Belief In Allah?

For Muslims, taweez is an aspect of religious practices. This creates a positive connection with Allah. If we narrate a specific verse for the Taweez, we can feel that Allah is just around and is protecting us from outside negative influence.

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However, it boosts the faith in Allah. Some people also say that Taweez has helped us to complete our desires. This is actually the right reason for the love towards Allah through Taweez. 


Islam And The Islamic Talismans have great importance in the Muslims. It helps us in different ways so that we live a peaceful life. Some people think it is very wrong to wear Taweez but it is not, as it is just to complete your desired goals and solve problems. It can heal you from any situation as well as diseases. Spread love around and stop believing in wrong things.

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