Nazar E Bad Ki Dua For Child In English

The word Nazar E Bad is there in the Quran, which means “ Nazar se Bachne ki Dua”. This ranks as the most important duas for children. In the modern era, the evil has a great impact on everyone. No one is safe from evil eyes. There are quite numerous issues that affect us yet we are unaware of them. Nazar E Bad ki dua for child in English will be the best dua for your child. 

These days, we just publish anything fresh in our lives on social media. But we hardly consider the cruel people’s negative motives. Many situations are even held in our daily life like we bought a new phone then we start telling people around us. We don’t come to know by their faces who are happy and who are actually jealous. Filtering people is not an easy task nowadays. Everyone has two faces one is fake and the other real. 

The Causes of Evil Eyes

When anyone is happy with your growth or anything good in your life they send you lots of blessings and love to you. But if someone is sad seeing you happy then they transmit a bad impact on life and send their evil eyes. Their evil eyes may have resulted in a decrease of your wealth or you may start having health issues. Your child may be continuously crying and feeling sick, all these can be only because of evil eyes. Read Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems.

Reasons for evil eyes are many not only a single one. Before they clear our success it is better that we do cure at the right time. After the wrong things start happening nothing can stop it. So, many people don’t believe in Nazar but it actually exists. We just need to notice. 

Significance of Nazar E Bad Ki Dua for Child In English

The importance of anything or anyone is always realized when something bad starts happening to us. It is not acknowledged till we don’t pay attention to it. All these things are just like when we have money and everything we forget everyone and even Allah. But when you lose our money, we start moving here and there. Before we regret that we have done nothing to cure our nazar, it is better to do something for it. Read Dua To Make Relationship Stronger.

There are different signs of evil for example you will start having headaches, body pain, or maybe something else. You can also face situations of heart attack or depression. 

Important Dua For Nazar E Bad

There are many dua that are always narrated for the evil eyes. To escape the trap, we can recite any of them. We have a number of things which is actually important to know before we perform any of the dua. This dua asks for God’s protection and proper direction for guarding against demonic spirits and the harm from evil eyes. 

“U’izukuma bikalimatil-lahit-tammati min kulli shaytanin wa hammah, wa min kulli ‘ainin lammah”

Nazar E Bad dua above is the best till now as thousands of people have tried it. We can tell you that this will always keep you safe from all negative effects in nearby you. When you begin doing this dua, you will feel comfortable and secure.


  • Be careful about the people who want to harm you. 
  • Never tell anyone that you are performing this evil eyes dua.
  • Always make bonds with people who give you good vibes. 
  • Always tie the black thread to your body, this gives a satisfactory level to your heart.
  • Your heart and mind should be without any bad intentions. 

Ibrahim Durood

The Durood of Ibrahim is the most trusted and known durood for evil eyes. If someone recites it daily 31 times before doing any kind of good work and going someone from home. People who did this remedy are safe and away from evil eyes. This will make you feel safe no matter where you are, and you will never have to worry about your child. Also, read Powerful Ruqyah Against Evil Eyes.

In case you are suffering from these effects & feeling any kind of symptoms then you should recite this 51 times. And then take boiled water which is free from all the germs and blow on it. At last, pray Allah to keep you away from all the Nazar E Bad. 

Some Advice That Must Always Be Considered In Life

When you are somewhere outside and away from home, then always stay away from those who are not known to you. There are those who don’t care who you are and simply want to damage other people’s lives. So, be aware of those people.

Children are always loveable to their parents as well as their families. Nobody wants to hurt them or cause them any issues. So, we always have this in mind to keep away our children from all kinds of Nazar E Bad.

We should believe in Nazar because it can destroy our lives and we can even suffer a lot by ignoring all these things. It is better to take remedies before we have a bad impact on our lives. Read Dua To Remove Bandish From Life.

It is also advised that you continue various prayers and verses from the Quran on a daily basis to request protection and blessings for your kid. Therefore, Nazar E Bad ki dua for child in English also provides moral, ethical, justice, and righteousness direction, guiding persons in making ethical judgments and living good lives.


Nazar E Bad for a child is very important. It is very important to cure our children of all the negative energy and negative people. However, Nazar-E-Bad is also a tradition in almost every culture. Each and everything mentioned in the article, Nazar E Bad ki dua for a child in English will make sure your child is shielded with the power against the negative energy and power.  This is a way of caring for their child and is a manifestation of love. Parents usually conduct specific prayers and supplications from harm and harmful energy.

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