Powerful Dua Against Someone Who Has Hurt You

Everyone on this planet has different behavior and nature. No two persons are the same. Two people must have different perspectives on the same issue when they first meet. Many times we have to agree with others on so many decisions but if we are not able to come to one decision then there is a collision between two people. So, if such things are happening to you as well then Powerful dua against someone who has hurt you. 

Some people are calm, rude, or sentimental, this is the main reason for disagreement between people. In case someone is not behaving nicely with you, then this is the time when Allah tests your Patience and tolerance power. 

Special Dua Against Someone Who Has Hurt You

If someone has hurt us, then it is our duty to conduct dua for that person, so that Allah forgives all their mistakes. It is very obvious that we are very angry with such a person but at the time we have to also think about others as well. As Allah loves when we pray for another person. Read Marriage Proposal.

  1. First, you should be clear about the actions and emotions for what you are performing this dua.
  2. There should not be any feeling about someone hurting.
  3. Then Ask Allah to make your anger easy, so that it doesn’t hurt someone else. 
  4. “Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuhu” – Recite it more than 111 times.
  5. This dua is going to change your life for sure, and you will carry such a calm nature with you.
  6. End this dua, taking blessing from Allah and Asking Allah for the best for you. 

Remember to do durood Shareef before initiating and ending the dua. Never think bad about someone, otherwise, everything will come back to you. 

What Are The Benefits of Performing Dua Against Someone Who Has Hurt You?

The egoist people never accept their mistakes as in their ego they are unable to know what they are doing and whether it is right or wrong doesn’t matter. To keep away from the punishment they try to be more confident in whatever mistake they have made. To make them realize actually what they did wrong. We should perform this dua for them as well. Read Dua To Attract Someone Towards You.

  • Never ever ask Allah to destroy someone or affect them in any way. 
  • No need to pay attention to those people who are not good with you and also know already that they are going to hurt you in the future. 
  • The apology must be there in your heart if you harm someone in any way. 
  • All sins will be removed from your life if perform this dua with full concentration and emotion. 
  • If you made any kind of mistake in life then accept it and say sorry to another person. 
  • In case you don’t are able to go in front of the person whom you have harmed, then pray to Allah for forgiveness & do dua for them. 
  • We Should Always have control over our wording and think 100 times before saying a single word. 

Special Dua of Rapid Help from Allah

This dua is not for only someone who has hurt you but for yourself as well if you have hurt someone. 

  • First Ask Allah for forgiveness for whatever bad things you have done in your life.
  • Then remember to think something about the one who has hurt you. 
  • “HUWALLAD’E AYADAKA BINAS’RIHI WA BIL MUMININ”– Then recite this dua 51 times which is the exact number. Not more than this or less than this time you should recite it. 
  • At last, Ask Allah to forgive you as soon as possible.

 Many times we do so many things which are not accepted by Allah and we know about this. But by mistake or you are in such a situation you have to do that thing and hurt someone. Read the Quranic Dua For Love And Attraction.

Then you are feeling too bad about it and you want to ask for forgiveness for whatever you did. In that situation, conducting a Powerful dua against someone who has hurt you, will be so beneficial for you. 

What We Should Ask Allah While Conducting Dua?

Whenever we narrate dua for any purpose, there should not be any kind of bad kind of intention behind it. For example, if someone has broken up with us or someone has stolen something very important from us, then only ask Allah to punish them in their own way. Never make dua to destroy them, or affect their wealth or health in any way.

So, remember all these things will also add to your sins if you make such kind dua for someone. If in case you did dua for such purposes then you are totally wasting your more valuable time and there is no means of doing it. 

And we know we should perform dua only if there are means of doing it. However, we make so many mistakes in life and it is very common. There are many kinds of things that affect our lives badly. Moreover, we have a lot of problems in our lifetime we have to be rude to others sometimes. So, whenever we make any kind of mistake, always make dua for forgiveness from Allah. 


We met so many people in life who think they are the best and they listen to only those people who are above them in terms of power as well as wealth. They have a feeling of being a boss everywhere, the places they find people less smart than them they show their attitude. 

However, they want to follow whatever they say. And some are those who act like a leader & others want to serve them. But these thing doesn’t work for so long and these people hurt everyone every single minute of their life. So, they should perform Powerful dua against someone who has hurt them for themselves, especially for others. So, this powerful dua against someone who has hurt you is the article that will help you to get forgiveness from Allah for whatever imperfect you have done in your life. Also, read Dua To Find Your Soulmate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we feel guilty after performing Dua Against Someone Who Has Hurt You?

If you have done this dua, by making the intentions that they will not be happy in their life and all such kind of feeling. Then you should definitely feel guilty about this. Moreover, if your intentions were correct then their no problem, and you need not feel any kind of guilt. 

Can I perform this for my ex-boyfriend?

Yes, you can conduct this dua for your ex-boyfriend. It is very normal to have breakups in our life, but sometimes you are so much in love with another person that they leave you for very bad reasons. So, you can definitely make them realize their mistakes.

Is it right to conduct dua against someone?

No, it is not right to conduct dua against someone till you are narrating it for a bad reason. If your purpose is to make them destroy then you can definitely it is wrong. You should have always good thinking and make this dua for only making them realize their mistake.

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