Powerful Dua For A Baby Boy During Pregnancy 

Having a baby is such a blessing from Allah. Even though marriage is considered to be successful and healthy if they have a child. For Allah, there is no difference between a girl and a boy, but some people don’t have a boy in their generation or in their family so they are very fond of a baby boy, and want to have a son in their family. So, in this article, we will tell you the most potent and the most powerful dua for a baby boy during pregnancy. In today’s world, it’s a reality, everyone wants to have a baby boy which is not wrong. Also, Allah always wants us to live a happy life.

All this can happen, just with the help of Dua because this thing is not in the hands of anyone except Allah. A baby in a home brings lots of happiness and fills the life of parents, siblings, and grandparents full of joy and prosperity. 

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Chanting The Powerful Dua 

To ensure a pregnant lady gives birth to a son, many methods are listed in the Quran. Furthermore, One of the most efficient and tested ways to ensure that you conceive a healthy boy is to make genuine dua and pray to Allah.

We are aware that nothing occurs apart from Allah’s, the Almighty’s, will. So, despite their best efforts, they can not be a parent of a son, till he so decrees. We must sincerely implore Allah for the blessing of a healthy boy child in our dua. 

If you want to conceive a baby boy, then you should chant powerful dua for a baby boy during pregnancy dua given below 101 times daily after fajr Namaz. It is a dua for the most beautiful and decent baby boy in your life. 

“Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-RaheemFardun, Hayyun, Qayyumun, Hakamun, `Adlun, Quddusun, Sa-yaj`alu Allahu ba`da `usrin yusra, Hab li min ladunka waliyyan yarithunee, yukhrijukum tiflan thumma li-tablughu”.

Try to chant powerful dua for a baby boy during pregnancy till your pregnancy period, it will be very beneficial for you and your baby boy. Even for the purpose of nurturing you should also do Surah.

Some Important To Take Care of During Pregnancy

  1. First, you need to improve your daily routine diet which is very important. 
  2. Don’t take stress for any kind of problem because it may affect your child’s health.
  3. Make sure, you don’t lift any of the heavy objects.
  4. Consume only that kind of food that provides you with nutrition.
  5. Try to avoid heels for at least 1 year.
  6. Next, don’t eat any kind of seafood and also avoid smoking & drinking during periods.
  7. Constantly try someone should be around you and you are never alone & happy every time.
  8. Never have the pressure of any kind of work.
  9. Always listen to happy stories, and music & also consistently keep your mind fresh.
  10. Always take care of your health and never neglect your health.
  11. Additionally, never have negative thinking and stay always positive.
  12. Pray Allah to bless you with a cute baby boy.

Praying for a baby boy, all have their own reasons behind this like the pressure of family, some personal thinking & many other reasons can be there.

Important Suggestion Before Performing This Dua

  • You should do 5 times Namaz daily, for having a baby boy.
  • Additionally, ask your partner to recite this Islamic prayer for more sperm.
  • The process of conception also can be controlled by this powerful dua.
  • Always be in connection with Allah Tallah.
  • Make sure you have faith when everything is getting to failure, this dua will help you.
  • Keep visualizing yourself with a baby boy, whenever you are free.

The Best Food For Baby Boy

Food is the most important aspect of pregnancy. Eating toxic food can affect your health and your baby. Like tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and other toxic food as well, so always take care of that. 

There are many things that play a vital role in the gender of the baby. Potassium and sodium are two of them.

In old times it is known that having potassium & table salt ( in limits) results in a baby boy.  

  • Alkaline food is also important to eat in times of pregnancy. Some food gives a guarantee of alkaline in it.
  • Orange or sweet lime is alkaline in perfect amounts. Additionally, nuts are rich in alkaline content.
  • Cauliflower, onion, broccoli, garlic & ginger are also good examples of Alkaline, so start eating all such kinds of food that contain Alkaline.
  • Calrie, intake also has its own importance, which has an essential role in the gender of a baby.

Wazifa For A Cute Baby Boy

In this powerful dua for a baby boy during pregnancy article, we will provide you with a powerful Wazifa that will help 100% help you to conceive a baby boy. Having thought of a son is not a bad thing, because, in today’s world, everyone wants a girl and a boy equally. 

If you have any kind of difficulty in having a son then you must perform this Wazifa with faith and belief in Allah. Read Family Problem Solution.

  • After the Salah, then you have to chant “Allahumma la sahla illama ja-‘altahu sahla wa anta taj ‘alu al hazana etha shi’ta sahla” for 111 times daily.
  • Accomplish, this Wazifa for 21 days regularly, without skipping it.
  • Be aware that never have bad thoughts in your mind and execute them with full faith.

Surah Kausar For A Cute Baby Boy

After marriage, there is a thought of being parents. Some couples become parents soon, but some have complications. Some also have girls already in their lives and now they want a boy. So for that, it is a perfect place for your wishes to complete soon.

This can be performed by either of the two parents or any of their relatives, there is no restriction for it. Giving birth to a baby boy in a family gives them a lot of happiness and joy. It can be performed during pregnancy time only.

You have to also think about your future with your son so that even in dreams you see a boy only. This will also have a big effect on the gender of the baby.


The powerful dua for a baby boy during pregnancy is the best dua that you can perform for conceiving a boy and having a healthy baby. We have given you the most used and effective dua which has been tried by thousands of people. If you get any kind of problem, then take advice from your elders, they will guide you and tell you all the procedures. 

Take care of your’s from all the negativity and bad energies, as they can impact your health, and always stay happy. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

Frequently Asked Question

If Someone Has A Great Problem With Us And They Don’t Us To Have A Baby Boy?

If you are facing such kind of situation, then you don’t need to worry about this. All these things are not above Allah, their problem should not be your concern because everyone has their own point of view, and we can’t move in life according to others’ opinions and problems, so no need to worry about this.

My mother-in-law Wanted To Make Me Eat Food That I Don’t Like To Eat And Wants Me To Eat Regularly.

Yes, this happens with almost all women. Your mother is only concerned about you and your baby a lot, so that is why they want to eat the things that are beneficial for you, but if you are not liking them. Then sit with them and tell them you are not willing to eat that and just tell them politely. They will understand your situation because it is the time you wish to eat so many things that you have not before, so it’s a very normal situation. Additionally, you will have so much mood swings as well.

If We Live Alone Because of Our Job Away From The Family, Then What Should We Do During Pregnancy?

If you have such a situation then ask your spouse’s parents to be with you because it is a very crucial time, You need them the most, and in this situation, you have to be around someone, and also happy. And also you should take maternity leave for your safety.

How Should I Start Telling My Elder Child That They Will Have A Sibling Soon?

As your elder child must be small so in this time they are very attention seekers, so you have to tell them in a very calm way. Tell them in a way that they understand other things and then see their reaction. Afterward, slowly tell them about their coming sibling.

Is This Important To Tell Anyone That We Are Performing This Dua?

No, it’s not important, it will be more beneficial for you, not to tell anyone and do your dua. Once you get what you want, then you can tell others that this dua you have performed for baby boy.

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