Powerful Dua For A Happy Married Life Permanently

Any couple’s one and only goal upon marriage is to enjoy each other’s company. Their only desire is to live peacefully and happily. But the married they wish to live, in them only a few of them are able to live that life. This article Powerful Dua for a happy married life permanently is specially written for those who actually want to have a joyful life with their partner.    

If you are struggling to make your married life happier then you must read this article till last. After reading this article you will get a hope of having a better life with your partner in the future. When two people are together, then there is a particular reason behind their togetherness. So, never thought to end your relationship, there is always a reason you met your partner.

Why We Should Perform This Dua?

We should always feel blessed if we are married. There are many people in the world who don’t get their partners till the end and there is no one in their life with whom they can share their emotions and sentiments.

When two people are dating or otherwise deeply connected, they both need to look out for one another. Not only one spouse can complete duties, but both have to take each other seriously & spend the rest of life happily.  Whenever you face any kind of misunderstanding, issues, problems, or feeling irritated then feel free to talk to each other and tell another one what you are feeling.

Without hiding anything just say whatever is in your heart. If you start performing this dua then there will be no issues or problems in your married life. This dua is a huge benefit in your life if you don’t understand one another. Allah will listen to you and guide you about what you should do ahead. Read Marriage Problem Solutions.

What Are The Benefits of Conducting Dua For Happy Married Life?

  1. No fights– When you start conducting this dua, all your fights will come to an end. And you will feel so relaxed after solving all the fights. In case your fights are sought then you both will start forgetting each other with small things.
  2. Understand each other– After conducting this dua you will start understanding each other more nicely. When there is an understanding in a couple they can live with each other more easily and conveniently. 
  3. Peaceful life– You will have a beautiful and peaceful after conducting this dua on a daily basis. Whenever you will fight there will be an automatic resolution of it and you both will be confident to be with each other. 
  4. Solve all misunderstandings– When there are misunderstandings then you start hating each other with time. That affects the relationship the most, so we have to take care of it. If this dua is conducted for your married life then there will not be any sort of misunderstanding between you both. 
  5. Strong relation– You will build a stronger bond with your partner. Which is going to give them a happy life. However, for building a good relationship have to work on it. Dua will give you results, but along with it you also have to work on your relationship.

Dua For Happy Married Life

Always remember, it is one of the most famous dua, and everyone who has chanted it & got the results has a special space for it in the mind & heart. Only one thing is demanded by this dua, never hurt anyone in your life. Read Dua For A Baby Boy During Pregnancy.

  • Before starting this dua, we should make have a fresh wudu, so that you can scrub yourself with it. 
  • As you go to take a shower, don’t forget to take your own soap or body wash with you. Because the common soap of the family can cause germs on your body. That is actually no good at the time of making dua.
  • Next, just think about Allah while chanting the Durood Shareef. 
  • Afterward, close your eyes properly then slowly then read Surah Taha only 21 times.
  • Complete this dua, by making a wish & asking blessing from Allah. 

This powerful Dua For a happy married life permanently will give you the best solution and genuine way to solve the misunderstanding that generally happens in couples.

If This Dua Doesn’t Work Then We Have A Solution

No one in this world wants to have an unsatisfied and unhappy life after marriage. If you are searching for the best dua for a happy married life, then finally you are at right now. Read Intercaste Love Marriage.

In case, you are not married till now then it would be best if you perform this dua five days after your marriage and 5 days after the marriage. However, if the dua doesn’t work which is given above then conduct this dua to make a better life with your partner. 

  • Ask your family to not enter the room where you are conducting the dua. 
  • Now, narrate Surah Ikhlas about 31 times which is especially for a happy married life.
  • Then without making lips perform durood Shareef and drink work mixed with a small amount of milk.
  •  Complete it, by making a smiley face and raising your hand towards Allah.  

We know that the bond remains fresh only a few times after the marriage. After that, we have to start putting efforts into it, so that it remains the same till the end of life. This is the reason to perform Powerful Dua for a happy married life permanently to make your relationship full of joy. The Quranic instructions for preserving the love and toughness of your marriage are the dua for a happy married life.

Couples may face disagreements. They could conflict in various situations. If you believe that there aren’t many issues where you and your partner can agree, then this will make you unite as one soul & there will not be any kind of difference between you both. So, perform this dua to always stay happy with your partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important thing to be happy in a marriage?

When two people are connecting, it is very crucial to understand each other at every moment. However, every time it is not possible but when not possible, you both should sit and discuss it in detail. The biggest mistake made by the couples is, that they don’t discuss the issue, and that’s why the problems start increasing day by day. 

How to impress each of my partners?

If you want to always create a spark in your married life, then you should make small efforts after some time. So, your partner is always impressed and stays excited for you. In case, both are bored with each other then you can’t be happy with each other. Also, read Surah For Success In Everything.

How can I solve a fight with my wife?

The formula to solve your fight with your wife is very simple. You should first ask the problem what is going in their mind. And treat them like a princess, so that they can share everything with you. Once she tells you the problem then you can work on it, and if she is wrong then you can guide him.

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