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Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband

Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband [100% Effective and Halal]

A Woman always has care and a soft corner for his husband. She always wants to be an essential part of his husband and his family life. Even she always tries to adjust as soon as possible in a new house, after her marriage. There is no woman in the world who wanted their husband to be with other women or cheat on her. We are discussing on the topic Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband. By this method, you can get most effective results.

Therefore, she always fears losing his husband and always tries to be with him in every situation. So that she should protect his relationship with him. Marriage is not a blood relation it all depends on love and faith. If this love and faith are starts to question in a relationship then the bond is at risk. 

That’s why, this article is written for women who think their husband is cheating on them, or lying to them for everything you ask. The intention of this article is to prevent their husband from cheating and to just focus on their work & family.

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Special Dua for Cheating Husband

          “Allahummaghfir li wa lil mu-minina wal mu-minati” 

Proper Way of Performing Dua 

  • Begin it by doing Wudu correctly. 
  • Then take a proper clean cloth, lay it on the floor & seat on it for performing a particular dua.
  • We also have to take care of the clothes that we are wearing at the time of Dua.
  • Stay in the position of Ruku. 
  • Perform the Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband that is given above 31 times.
  • Afterward, pray to Allah by begging them to stop your husband from cheating and make him always feel for you. 
  • You will find soon the response you wanted to see in your husband. 

Do the given process for keeping away your husband from all cheating and any kind of affairs with another woman. If you are sure that your husband is cheating on you then you should go with this dua, it will help you in every way whether your husband is having an affair with another woman or not wanted to be with you for any reason. 

Precaution that Must be taken for Conducting dua

  1. Don’t let anyone perform any wrong dua for you or your family. 
  2. There are many people around you who don’t like you and wanted you to be in trouble always, keep a distance from them.
  3. Always keep your husband in control and check out his phone for your relationship security purpose.
  4. Women should not conduct this dua while they are on monthlies.
  5. The condition for this Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband While you perform this dua always keep your husband in your heart and mind, there should not be any other thought.
  6. And only have stubborn faith in Allah, he is the only one who can cure your relationship.
  7. Never think about the results, first stay focused on the dua then only you will have results.
  8. Have patience and calmness for a better future ahead with your husband.

No one is going to tell you how you have to perform dua and all other procedures for dua. Even you don’t have to trust anyone, just keep following the steps and you will be on the path of success. Perform it regularly 

Effective Wazifa for Preventing Husband from Cheating

We are mentioning 2 Wazifa below if one doesn’t work, another one will definitely work

  1. You have to perform this Wazifa at midnight for keeping your husband away from the other women. Next, you have to chant Salavaat. It will help you remove all bad things from your life that is not suitable for you and your partner’s relationship. 

Afterward, narrate Surah Lahab 111 times. There is no benefit if you use it for any kind of bad effect on anyone. Perform this powerful Wazifa by taking the help of Allah. Keep in mind, you have to start and end Wazifa with Durood-Sharif, never forget this for any Wazifa.

  • The second Wazifa that you can perform is, narrating Durrod Sharif 7 times. As mentioned above it is a very important step to perform in Wazifa. Then conduct Ayat 1111 times this will give you the benefit of keeping your relationship secure and don’t let anyone be around your partner for any bad intention for him. End it by praying to Allah for keeping your husband away from bad company, which affects your future. 

Cheating on someone is always counted in terms of Sins for Allah. So, if you are fooling someone then stop doing that because Allah will give you punishment for this. There are many husbands who treat their wives as a slave, which is not bearable. This happens because their partner believes that they are superior but dua will help also help you get respect from your partner, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 


This is the Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband that will actually solve the problems of your marriage. It will give you all the benefits that you need in your marriage like love, understanding, trust, etc. From the effect of dua, the relationship will improve day by day. 

Things will start changing around you, as some miracle has to live. It will make you feel good and your husband automatically starts loving you again with no intentions of cheating. And for any query or assistance get in contact with 

Frequently Asked Question

Is their dua for keeping their husbands away from women?

Yes, the dua given above will also help you for keeping your husband away from women. As it is the most effective and powerful dua for getting your husband’s attention and love. 

If this dua doesn’t work then what is the solution?

First of all, you will get the results from this dua for sure, if in case you don’t get the response from this dua then you can narrate the dua that is given below in place above dua:-

“Wa inimra atun khaafat mim ba’lihaa nushoozan aw i’raadan falaa junaaha ‘alaihi maaa ai yuslihaa bainahumaa sulhaa” All other processes before and after the dua are the same as given above, there are no changes in any step.

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