Powerful Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems

Assalam Walekum to everyone who has been here with us in this article and given their precious time to read this Powerful Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems article. Every relationship has problems whether it’s a sibling relationship, mother-daughter duo, or husband and wife relationship.

Fixing problems in a love relationship between two lovers or husband & wife is not easy. But, if we do not even try to solve it then you are not in love with that person and it will be the worst thing if you don’t solve the problems. 

There is not only one problem that is between a couple, there are many problems like communication cap, ego problems, or sometimes silence is the most dangerous thing. So to fix all such problems we will provide you with the most successful and Powerful Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems. Just trust Allah, and narrate this dua daily to keep all your relationship problems away from life. Read Get Desired Partner.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Dua

  • Initially, you have to remember that you have to narrate it every Friday without forgetting to perform. If you are able to do this then only you have to start performing this dua.
  • If we talk about the colors of cloth then always remember never to wear black while performing any kind of dua.
  • Never tell anyone about your love relationship problems, as we know no one can solve our problem except Allah. 
  • Make sure you are confident enough to narrate and make this dua really happen in your life. 

Special Dua For Fixing A Broken Relationship 

Execute this dua with a clean and calm heart, it will give you a lot of positive vibes about everything that is happening around you. 

  • Start it by narrating the following dua

 “sal ya rasulluu ahiraa soola bi haqqii ishhrahiyaa maaleekii youmiddeenn ma arhiimu arrahmeenn”

  • The next step is the most common step that is performed in almost every dua, read durood-e-Shareef after performing the above dua 7 times. 
  • Maintain doing it each Friday as early in the morning as feasible. 
  • Then read out the Ya Latifu Ya Wadoodo 51 times, It is the most important step of this dua, so do it properly.
  • Stay your heart and mind positive while you perform this dua. 

There is no risk of failing if you follow the steps outlined above. If there is even 1% negativity, then there are higher chances of getting success and fixing the problem between you and your loved one. 

Some Advice For A Perfect Relationship

  • Always keep your love a priority. Never keep your loved one as an option. 
  • No matter what, always stand by your partner.
  • Never let anyone speak in matters between you both.
  • Loyalty, respect, and honesty are the major things that play an important role in a healthy relationship.
  • Let go of small mistakes that happen in everyday life.
  • If you are facing even a small problem then always discuss it with each other.
  • Fights are normal but never blame each other, it is the worst thing that destroys the relationship.
  • Don’t bring the past into your bond.
  • No partner should be dominant, this will create distance between you. 
  • You should not run to start a conversation between you and your partner. 
  • Furthermore, don’t bring ego into your relationship.

Another Dua To Fix A Broken Relationship

If the above-given dua is not working then you must have one more dua. Sometimes dua works for some people and some face problems, but in this article, you will find a solution if you face any kind of problem.

  • Firstly, you have to start doing Namaz daily three times.
  • Then read durood-e-Shareef exactly 5 times.
  • Read the dua that is given below 11 times:-

“Uhilla lakum laylatas Siyaamir rafasu ilaa nisaaa’ikum; hunna libaasullakum wa antum libaasullahunn”.

  • Next, Recite Durood-e-Pak 31 times.
  • Perform it daily for 11 days, you will see the results very soon and you will surely be amazed by the results. Read Parents Approval.

There is no relationship where there is no conflict, but not solving the problems is a very bad thing and can cause a lot more issues between you. So just narrate this dua on a daily basis and save your relationship by just performing this powerful dua.


Problems are there in everyone’s life, but our task is to solve the problems and make them fixed. We can only try to solve the fights in a relationship and try to make everything right in a relationship. We have provided you with a dua that will surely give you results. Fix your broken relationship with this Powerful Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems dua and don’t tell anyone that you are performing this dua. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Really Fix A Broken Relationship?

Fixing a relationship is not easy anymore, as in the new generation every individual has their own opinions. In this situation, understanding each other is a difficult task. So, dua is the only solution if you want to fix any kind of broken relationship.

How Can We Make Another Person Feel Better, If There Is A Fight?

Always take care of your partner, and never let them feel low. Be prepared for every small fight and understand each other. Make sure your partner is happy with you emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

How Can We Become Emotionally Stronger?

If you are emotionally and mentally stronger, then you are able to face every kind of problem in life. The above-given dua will help you to be stronger day by day and help you face every problem & deal with it. And you can easily take care of other things which happen in your daily life.

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