Powerful Dua For Husband Protection To Leave The Other Woman

A wife’s love for her husband is always infinitely and the same kind of love she expects from her powerful dua for husband protection to leave the other woman. Some husbands fail to satisfy them with their love and then they start having issues. And begin to have an affair with other women.

A husband should not think about other women except his wife. If in any case, your Husband is with other women then it’s time to time them as soon as possible. As time passes he may start staying away from you and you will not be able to take any action. Therefore, the chances of leaving you get stronger. 

It is a very obvious thing that a woman can’t see her husband with another woman. If she does, then you will see her getting jealous and unfulfilled. Furthermore, if a person is not happy and they are going through a lot of things, then they may go into depression. Read Dua for cheating husband.

What Are The Benefits of Performing Dua To Leave The Other Woman?

  • This effective dua will help you to strengthen your bond with your partner and assist you to get the love & attention from him then he is giving to other women.
  • You will build a strong relationship with your husband & he will be protected by all the black magic around him.
  • If you perform this dua your husband will be in your control and will obey all your commands. 
  • This will transform your husband’s head and heart, and he will begin to love you more than anybody else. 
  • It has helped so many women to get their husbands back in their lives and now they are living with all the love that they deserve from their husbands. 
  • Your husband will be more loyal to you and will never leave you for a lifetime. 

Helpful Dua For Husband Protection to Leave The Other Women

Marriage is a relationship that can’t be taken as a joke. It is a bond which lasts till the end of the life.  So, we have to always care about all the activities that our partner is performing on a daily basis. Read Dua to get what you want.

In our life, you can leave your parents & even your children can move to another place, leaving you behind. But it’s only your partner who is gonna stay with you for a lifetime. We have an effective dua for you to leave the other woman.  

  1. Ensure that you have cleaned yourself properly.
  2. Then you must take wudu for purifying yourself internally or if you don’t perform wudu then take a proper bath. 
  3. Afterward, start reciting Surah Al- Ikhlas and then start reciting dua “Allahumma munzilal kitab, seral hisabi iahzimil ahzab, Allahumma Aaizimhum wa jalzilhu”.
  4. Narrate this dua till you get the proper results, if you want to conduct it over the proper period of time, then in 21 days you will start having the results. 
  5. Next, blow on your hands and then take your hands to the head of your husband without telling him that you are performing Dua for him.

Ask Allah to protect your husband from all the other women who try to attract him & make the love of your husband towards you. Read Dua for long-distance relationship.

Prayer For Protecting Husband From Other Women

Doing Prayer with Dua Dua can help us a lot to reach our goal for which we are praying to Allah. 


My Lord, you have always led me in the correct direction, and now I am in a circumstance where my life partner is deceiving me, and I am feeling powerless.

O mercy, shine your holy light on my husband so that he does not become distracted by other ladies and may concentrate on his family. Also, read Quranic dua for love and attraction.

I am confident that you will assist me and strengthen my husband’s connection.

Must Perform Wazifa To Protect Partner From Another Woman

  • Make sure that you’re clean, both physically and spiritually. This includes doing ablutions, bathing, and ensuring that your clothing is clean. You should also make certain that your head is devoid of dirty thoughts and that your heart is pure.
  • Next, Takbir is performed, and peace and blessings are bestowed upon the Prophet.
  • Then, take a piece of black color paper and write the Wazifa “Allahumma inni as’aluka bi-rahmatika wa-l\‘uqbatika wa-l\‘ummatika liwaalidaini, wa innaka hameedun majeed” and recite it properly in clear words. 
  • Fold the pieces of paper properly without any other marks on it and dip them in water. Give that water to your husband to drink. 
  • With entire faith and good purpose, do this Wazifa. Inshallah, Once you are done with it, you will notice a difference in your husband’s behavior. 

We assure you that from this dua you will be able to command your Powerful Dua For Husband Protection To Leave The Other Woman and he will never think to be with other women. There will be no sharing of the love that you deserve from your husband. 

A man should understand that if a female has left her family to live with him, he should cease doing these inappropriate things. He should endeavor to bring his new family together and make the house a welcoming environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not sure that my husband is cheating on me, then should I perform this Dua?

Yes, because it is a Dua that can be performed for any couple for the protection of your love from evil eyes. If you are not sure then try to find out the evidence that is bothering you. Check what kind of hints he is giving you related to other women. All this thing may help you find out whether he is cheating or not.

I Got Angry as soon as I saw my husband, but at the same time, I didn’t want to lose him.

You don’t have to be angry with him if you really love him and want to be with him forever. As is our nature, humans make mistakes. Instead, attempt to channel your irritation and fury into mental fortitude and determination to handle this issue.

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