Powerful Dua For Increase Beauty of Face

Every girl and boy wanted to look good. They use different ways of looking look like sometimes buying good clothes, and branded products but all these don’t work. And paying attention to all such things is very natural. It is a fact we can’t look beautiful if we don’t worship. So, it’s better to perform dua for increase beauty of face, if we want to look the best.

When we look around us we find that there are so many people who are so attracted by their faces. So, at that time we wanted to look the same as them and wanted shine on our faces. If dua when performed then we get beauty not only on our faces but also in our souls. Hence, it is better to perform dua than waste money on artificial products. 

What Is Beauty Called In Islam?

Beauty in Islam also known as Noor actually means glow. Islam takes care of both inner and outer beauty, as inner beauty also plays a significant role in terms of looks. If we have noor on our face that means it will also see in our actions, the purpose, and everything we do. 

Our focus should be on each and every action we do towards anyone, and what kind of intentions we hold to do something for someone. So, the beauty of your face doesn’t matter if you not holding good behavior. Read Powerful Dua To Remove Bandish From Life.

Dua For Increase Beauty of Face

  1. Initiate it by daily narrating the Quran in Pak early morning. If you read even one or two pages daily your soul will feel refreshed.
  2. Don’t forget to do an ablution before and after the dua. 
  3. Durood Pak must perform daily a minimum of 101 times and then you will see the magic on your body. 
  4. Narrate – “Allaahummaj’al fee qalbee nooran, wa fee lisaanee nooran, wa fee sam’ee nooran, wa fee basaree nooran” for 111 times.
  5. Next, we have to narrate the last verse of Surah Noor which will help you clean your soul from all the bad senses. 
  6. At last take 31 names of Allah, so that you can Allah always keep the focus on your increasing beauty day by day. 

All the efforts done above will increase your beauty within no time. You will become gorgeous both inside and out as a result of this. It is the purpose of dua to make you look the best. If you go for artificial treatment then all these things will be temporary. you may get the glow but it will only stay for a few days. Read Dua For A Baby Boy During Pregnancy.

We Have Another option If This Dua Doesn’t Work

Dua- “Allaahumma ‘a’tinee nooran, waj’al fee ‘asabee nooran” 

  • First of all wear clothes which are suitable for doing dua. Never wear those clothes that display your body parts.
  • Afterward, you have to recite Surah Yusuf which is actually important to perform this dua. 
  • Take sugar with turmeric in your hands. And then narrate the dua given in the starting 141 times. 
  • Niyyah you should perform what you read daily, any particular Niyyah is not suggested. 
  • End it by blowing on the water and putting that water on your whole face along with ears, nose & neck as well. 

Always remember it doesn’t matter for whom you want to look whether it is your husband or anyone else. If you will look good then your partner is automatically attracted to you and you will get attention from them. You should take care of your looks because many people may be rejected by their partners just by their looks. Read Surah For Success In Everything.

How May This Dua Benefit Us?

If your face has any kind of dark spots, dark circles, acne, or even pores if you recite. This dua for a particular time then your skin will clean and your face will have a different kind of glow. This dua is going to heal every kind of problem you are facing on your face. 

Also if your skin color is dark, everyone asks you to do something. And even makes fun of you behind your back. So, it’s time to answer them and perform dua to get brighter skin.  Those who were making fun of you will start giving you compliments. After you start performing the dua you don’t have to use any kind of artificial stuff that is going to give false beauty. Also, read Qurani Wazifa To Get Love Back.

Tips To Look Beautiful And Attractive

  • Always stay happy– If you are being stressed from the inside then there is no dua or any artificial products that are going to help you. If there is any kind of tension in your mind then get out of it and narrate this dua.
  • Good eating habits– Moreover, if you are eating fast food on a daily basis. Then your body will not accept any kind of dua or product. You should have a healthy diet in your routine.  
  • Exercise– Doing exercise is one of the secrets that is carried by people who are actually having beautiful, clean, and glowing skin. So, it is better to perform exercise only for 15 minutes, if you don’t have much time. 
  • Be positive– In case whatever happens in your life, you take it as a negative. It means you are always having problems in life and you will never be happy. Never get demotivated and always stay positive till Allah is with us. Also, read Powerful Dua To Get What You Want.

The main purpose of performing dua for increase beauty of face is to enhance the beauty that you deserve. It will assist you in regaining clear, perfect skin. You will get so many proposals about getting married to a handsome guy. If you will have clear and beautiful skin. 

This dua is for every age group, as we all know age doesn’t matter everyone wants to look beautiful and cute. Looking beautiful is everyone’s right. Dua to acquire noor on your face can assist you in coping with your skin disorders easily whether others make fun of you and label you pretty or unattractive. 

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