Powerful Dua for Long Distance Relationship

Aslam Walekum to the people who are in a Powerful Dua for Long Distance Relationship and facing so many challenges in their life for love. 

The most important part of the relationship is to stay connected with each other while being in a relationship. It is essential and the same place challenging to be in touch with the person just because of a lack of interaction.

If you are having any kind of relationship problems as you both are apart from each other, then you must go for Powerful Dua for Long Distance Relationship. Distance plays the role of an exam in a long-distance relationship, if you pass it then you will have a happy life, and if not you will lose someone.

Dua will give you the power to bring changes in your life and more profound your love while being at a distance. It will provide you with all the support that is needed for the love and comfort zone that is needed for the relationship. 

Bad communication will take you to the most unwanted arguments and fights. Dua will help you to stick with each other while being far away from each other. 

Special Dua For Long-Distance Relationship

These are step-by-step dua that you should perform for a long-distance relationship:-

  • Primary Take a proper shower and sit in a silent place.
  • After this, you have to remember your lover in your heart.
  • Then you have to narrate the following verse after the Fajar Prayer about 31 times – “Rabbana Habana min azwaajina wa dhuriyyatina qurrata A’yunin waj’alna lil- muttaqina imama”.
  • Finally, call upon the powerful Allah to bless you with a stronger relationship.

Now accomplish the Dua for 11 days just after you do the Fajar Prayer. This dua solves your all hardships in a prolonged distance relationship. Not only a problem but also keeps the passion of love between you and your partner alive and will give a blow to the relationship.

Another Dua, Keeping The Love Alive In Long Distance Relationship

  • Initially start with wudu and wear proper neat and clean clothes.
  • Then take five pure and beautiful names of Allah then start to perform.
  • Next, recite the Ayat given below of Surah Taha:-


  • Afterward, take 5 sips of Zamzam water while taking the name of your lover each time.
  • Inshallah, Allah blesses you with intense love every day.

Perform this Dua for 11 days again after the Fajar prayer. We know finding love and care from the person is very difficult & if we find them and they are apart from us, the insanity and positivity increase. Read Dua To Find Your Soulmate.

Then don’t worry just recite this Powerful Dua for long distance relationship and you will get results very soon. 

Is It Essential To Perform Dua For Long-Distance Relationships?

If you are in a serious relationship and you have made the decision to stay away from each other for any reason then you have to face so many struggles ahead. You both will always have doubts about each other but you have to just have faith in each other and in your relationship. Then before all such things happen start performing this dua.

Being in a relationship you have to give time to your partner whether you are far away from each other or together. If you are not giving time to your partner then other people will think that you are not passionate about them, which brings so much misunderstanding and fights.  

Benefits of Performing This Dua

  • This will strengthen your bond and keep your love away from evil eyes.
  • Due to a Lack of interaction, if you are having misunderstandings then it will resolve all that.
  • Make your lover more passionate about you and your love.
  • They will start giving you the respect and happiness you deserve.
  • Your partner will start caring for you more than before.
  • This dua will save your relationship and give you all the joy that you deserve.

Wazifa For Long Distance Relationship

We have to initiate the Wazifa by chanting “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem”. Next, recite, Durood Sharif 7 times then narrate “INNAA ANZALNAAHU QURAANAN ‘ARABIYYAL LA ‘ALLAKUM TA’QILOON”. 

Furthermore, take sugar cubes, take the name of your lover, and blow on sugar cubes. Then repeat Durood Sharif 3 times. Whenever you meet your partner next then feed them sugar cubes. May Allah solve all your problems that have occurred due to distance.


Powerful Dua for Long Distance Relationship, The premier of this dua is you can perform it any time there is no special time to perform this dua. You only need to do it with faith, belief, and with love for Allah. Dua will help you in all terms like love, trust, support, and whatever need in the relationship to be successful. 

With arguments and fights in life, we can’t live our life happily so we should be sad in life and do dua. Dua is the only way to get out of every problem. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

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