Dua To Get My Love Back From Quran

Aslam Walekum to all the people here with us, we are so blessed by Allah that they sent you here for Powerful Dua For Love Back. Life is boring when you have an absence of love in your life. Love gives us a reason to live and gives us unforgettable moments to live. Every moment in life becomes beautiful and memorable when you are in love and your loved one is with you.

Life is a very long journey, and if your love is in your life it becomes easy to go forward in this journey. This life becomes more loving when someone really cares for and shows concern for you.

You always want a person in life who stays with you in hard times and loves you from the bottom of your heart. But some situation comes in life that is not in our hand, and we have arguments and fights because of which both get separated from each other.

If you are having these problems in life and want your loved one back then you are at the right place because we have “Powerful Dua For Love Back“. We are here with 3 easiest dua, you can anyone any of them that you like. Read Dua To Make Someone Love You.

Thousands of people have done this dua and got the results and they got loved ones back. If you also want the result then read the full article as we know half knowledge always takes us to the wrong track.

Instructions Before You Perform This Dua

  • One thing to keep in mind is, always performing dua after listening to Adhan.
  • Take a sip of Zamzam water before initiating their dua.
  • Rember you should sit in the direction of Qibla.
  • And perform it in a genuine Islamic Halal way.
  • Have credence in Allah, to get your love back.
  • If by chance you made any mistake while doing these Dua then recite “Astaghfirullah” 10 times.

This Is The Dua To Bring Someone Back

We will provide you with three Dua to get someone back:-

1. First Dua

  • For most, take a shower and with a pure heart think of your loved ones.
  • Then chant 10 times “Durood Sharif”.
  • Afterward, recite Surah Al-Hujurat.
  • Then recite“Innal lazeena yunaadoo naka minw waraaa’il hujuraati aksaruhum laa ya’qiloon” for seven times.
  •  At last pray to Allah, for getting your love back.

Do this Dua for 13 days and within these 13 days you will get your husband or your ex, & they will start loving you again. Read Powerful Wazifa To Break Someone’s Engagement.

2. Second Dua

  • First, of we have to take a sweet dish, that should not be cooked.
  • Then recite “Surah Al-Anbiya” for 100 times                                 Surah Al-Anbiya-“Summa sadaqnaa humul wa’da fa-anjainaahum wa man nashaaa’u wa ahlaknal musrifeen”
  • After this recite “Ya Wadodu Ya Rahmu Ya Raahemu” 30 times.
  • In the end, blow on the sweet dish and give it to eat to the person to get love back.

After performing this dua your love will definitely come back to you and give you all the love that you deserve in your life. 

3. Third Dua

  • Firstly, wash your hand and face properly & make fresh Ablution.
  • Then look for a clean environment to do dua.
  • Later, think of the person’s face you want back in your life. 
  • Therefore, recite Durood Sharif 31 times.
  • Read surah ayat about 41 times to get back your love.
  • Lastly, make a blow in the air.

Perform this dua for 7 days in the same place and same time.

Benefits of Making Dua For Love Back

  • Dua for love to come into life will also help you as they will start loving you more after coming back into your life.
  • Dua is like a discussion with Allah &  he will accept your dua and you will get love back in your world.
  • Our Prophet Muhammad always says that the most believed worship is Dua.
  • All these dua have the power to get back your lost love within 4 days.
  • Prophet Muhammad also said that dua can change your destiny and well exceed ages.

If Dua Is Not Working Then What To Do?

If dua is not working then you must be making some mistakes while performing dua. Or you may not accomplish it in a perfect manner or not do it with a pure heart. 

All these dua are so effective and you don’t have to worry about the results, you only have to perform in the right way. Also, the power of their dua is beyond our imagination as it is taken from the Holy Book of Islam.


If the dua is done with pure intentions and with a clear heart, then you will get all the benefits in return. You will get your person back within a short period of time, all with the blessing of Allah.

This Dua is also for the crush to love you back and fulfill your life with lots of happiness and good things. Please remember one thing never break the heart of someone, if you did Allah will definitely give you punishment so be aware while doing anything wrong in your life.

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