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dua for your love to come back

Powerful Dua for love to come back immediately fast in your life

Aslam Walekum to every brother & sister who is reading this article. One can efficiently perform this dua if you do it in the correct way. The procedure of Dua is an essential part of getting good instant results. You can perform a Powerful dua for your love to come back immediately fast in your life if you are in deep love with someone and you want his/her back in life.

We know how hard it would be to go back to your loved one asked them to come back into your life, this can arise a lot of problems and even increase your disputes. If you have already done that then don’t worry we are with you.

Many people have done this dua which is effective & powerful results and got very adequate effects. This Dua brought a sense of great peace and relaxation to their relationships. 

We definitely understand the distress & the pain you are going through, this is the reason why we brought this article for you.

We will give you step-by-step guidance to get your love back immediately in life. Everything is possible if Allah is with you.

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 Powerful Dua to bring back your love immediately to your life

  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Then sit in a quiet and clean place.
  • Turn your face in the direction of the Qibla.
  • Recite Durood Shareef three times.
  • Afterward read this dua “Allahumma a’inni ala dhijrika, was shukrika, was husni’ ibadatike”.
  • Again read Durood Shareef.
  • In the end, pray to Allah to get back your love immediately.

Many people do Dua in a very casual manner and are not very serious about it, they will not get results for sure. Then make sure you would Dua in a serious manner and not take it in a casual way if you want your love back immediately back in life.

The advantage of getting your love back immediately is & fulfills your life full of love

This dua for your love to come back article is all about what benefits we get from getting loved ones back. It will also help us to solve the problems you have when they left and improve your relationship with your partner.

Dua will fully change your perspective about love and help you to feel confident in every part of your life. Obviously, this is not easy to get your love back immediately but it is not impossible also. We just have patients and wait for the wished results.

If Dua given above doesn’t work then do this Dua

Read this dua for your love to come back very carefully and do it with patience:-

  • Sit in a peaceful place, close your eyes & make blow in the air.
  • After that wash your hand properly and clean your face.
  • Take sweet in your hands and imagine the face of your loved ones.
  • Recite durood-E-Ibraahim, 3 times & again close your eyes properly.
  •  At last read Ya Wududu 101 times.

There is a lot of dua you will get your love back into your life, but this dua will only work for immediately getting your love back in your life. 

If your intention is clear and you seriously want your love back in life then Allah will surely listen to your wish immediately. 

When we should perform this Dua?

There are different opinions of all people, and they do dua according to their own way and time. But in Islamic Scholars, there are different timing for every dua.

Perform this dua, in the evening at the time of sunset, this dua will give you more effective results. Again, do this du with all your heart and with the presence of mind. We only have worship to do, other all things are in Allah’s hands. 

Dua for the person your love, you will get them back in life just in 5 days. The only thing you have to do is, perform it with a heart and get 100% outcomes.

Prayer to get back your love?

  • Firstly, we have to recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then 7 times read Adat Al Kursi and remember your love.
  • Ultimately, recite Durood Shareef 7 times.
  • Do this prayer after Fajar Namaz.

Perform this prayer with dua after morning Fajar Namaz. 


A number of people message us and come to us for their love issues, we suggest them this dua. Allah always wants to greet you with the best and help you on every track. We can only do is trust him and always do dua. 

dua for your love to come back will always give you something back, & give you results. We only need to have faith in Allah and stay positive in life. 

Always remember, don’t trust black magic kind of things, and believe in Allah only.

There are many complications in relationships, but we never have to get away from them. Do Dua and stay away from all the problems in life.

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