Powerful Dua For Newly Married Couple

When two individuals marry, their lives undergo a number of adjustments. They have so many dreams related to marriage and want to complete each of them. After getting married they need excess blessings from Allah so that their life would go easily. Compatibility and companionship are essential for the relationship of a newly married couple. So, dua for newly married couple plays a significant role. 

This dua should be recited by each individual going to their marriage. It will help them to face the problems and adjust to each other in married life. You will be able to stay away from all the obstacles which are coming your way. If you want to be happy with your partner then definitely you have to fight all the problems with your partner to take your relationship to the end of life. 

Important Dua For Newly Married Couple

Marriage is either love or arranged, after marriage a lot of changes come in both the life. Prior to being married, they avoided one another, but now they share a home. Knowing each other minute things which may be liked by other partner or not. So, this dua for newly married is important in such a way they get adjusted to each other easily and originate the love for life. Read Dua To Recover Money From Someone.

  • Firstly you need to save your time by conducting dua, if you are doing dua in a hurry then the results will not be there.
  • No one should know anything about the you and your partner relationship, then find a place where there is silence and calmness. 
  • Start it with wudu, for making yourself clean and pure.
  • Then chant:-

“baa-rakal laahu la-kum, wa baa-raka ‛alay-kum” it with you heart and with smile for 1111 times. 

  • After this take a small amount of any kind of seeds in your hand then narrate Durood-e-Shareef in a proper way. 
  • Then read any marriage surah and blow slowly on the seeds.
  • End it by asking Allah for peace and stability in life. 

How Will This Dua Help The Newly Married Couple?

Adjusting to a new family for a girl is a tough task but she has no option except to leave there and move to another home. And equally for a boy & his family is difficult to accept and at the same time important also. All these things take time. In the boy’s life, a woman came into their lives and everything changed his life. Moreover, many things happen in their relationship, at which time they have to understand and control their anger. Read Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems. 

So, to make all these things easy we should narrate dua for newly married couples and make their life happen. This is one of the best weapons we have for making our marriage life happy. 

Tips For Making Married Life Succesful 

1.      The first thing that is very important, try to understand each other as much as you can. 

2.      Never blame each other, always sit and discuss. 

3.      Solve your problems in your own way, don’t let a third person interfere between you both.

4.      Always speak politely with each other & don’t speak loudly.

5.      Trust is something without which your relationship can’t work. 

6.      Stay away from people who are unhappy with your happy married life.

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Dua’s for Marriage 

This dua is so essential for guests & groom & bride. One thing to mention is that family and friends are also included in the guest list. So they also have to perform dua which is given to guests.

  • Potent dua for Bride and Groom – Conducting due for the bride and groom is very important as it’s a new phase of their life. And it is going to change their life very much. Reciting this on the day of the wedding will give the best results. “ wa jama‛a ba-yna-kumaa fee khayr” for 111 times. It will not take you a very long time, as it is your wedding you must have a lot of work. 
  • Dua for guests– We know guests are very precise if they are not the part of wedding then there is no fun at all. So being a guest and called by the family of groom or bride respectively. They should do dua for them and give them blessing with all your heart.  “Allaahumma hawaalaynaa wa laa ‘alaynaa” – recite it 111 times before going to the marriage of your loved one. Read Powerful Ruqyah Against Evil Eyes.

If dua doesn’t work within a given period of life, then wait for its results. In shorter terms, things don’t stay for a long time. And the things which may take time stay for a long time. The choice to marry someone is a big one, and you shouldn’t rush into it since it will affect your morning prayers and the desires you will make to Allah. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this dua take to give results?

The results of dua will be seen within two days as your love will start with a great blessing of Allah. This will bring peace and emotional support to your relationship with each other. Along with this, you will be forever happy in your life with your partner. But at last we don’t get the result then keep trying because no dua in the world is going to waste, somewhere sometime this will help you in life. Also, the husband has to take off her wife. Read Powerful Dua To Remove Bandish From Life.

What kind of problem does come in newly married life?

Newly married couples have to suffer a lot in their new phase. They are not able to understand each other families and the people around them. Therefore, many people are negative, so we have to talk about all these things as well. At last, we should ensure that you both have to support each other whatever happens in life good or bad. Never lose hope in each other and keep working on each other.

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