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dua for one-sided love

Powerful dua for one-sided love

Are you in love with someone or does the person you love doesn’t know that you are them? Are you afraid of expressing their love for them? Did you have any fearful feelings to lose someone? If your answer is yes to any of the questions then just go for this powerful and most believed dua by thousands of people. Today, we will provide powerful dua for one-sided love, it is for our lovely brothers and sisters who face the problem in a relationship. 

If you wanted to make your incomplete love story complete then you have to read all the instructions given below properly. You must be so worried about the situation that you are facing regarding the love that you have for another person, but they don’t, so wanted to tell you one thing, it’s time to relax because where nothing works, dua works.

We can understand the pain which you are going through, it is very painful, that you love the person so much & they even don’t know or they don’t accept your proposal. This Dua will provide you with all of the answers you’re looking for and no question will be left back for you, after reading this article.

Significant Notation

We are mentioning some of the important notes, that you have to make sure, you function on that. Before, you make a start and sit for dua, recite any Durood that you have learned properly, if not then learn one of them.

We will provide you with Wazifa and dua for one-sided love, which will not take so much time to perform and there is no restriction related to time. You are free to perform, according to your mood and your convenient timing. Furthermore, this dua is small but has so much potential, it will no time to perform this dua for sure. You can perform till you don’t get the result, it is the best part of this dua. Because another dua has restricted time and takes a long time to execute.

Share this Wazifa and dua with your friends because sharing is beneficial right? The reason behind sharing is also, in Allah’s eyes you will get so much respect and concern. This dua will create respect and love in your loved one heart, both these aspects are really important if you are in a relationship.

Unique Dua for One-Sided Love

Powerful dua for one-sided love, This dua will help in all terms of invoking affection for you in the heart of the one you care about. It will make your crush feel for you and create a love story of you and him/her.

  • Primarily, get free from all your work, then only conduct this dua, with the process of fresh ablution.
  • And there should not be any kind of dust around you.
  • Narrate for 11 times, Durood Sharif
  • Then Chant this dua, “Wa min Aayaatiheee an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwaajal litaskunooo ilaihaa wa ja’ala bainakum mawad datanw wa rahmah” for 101 times.
  • Again, repeat the durood sharif Step.
  • Visualize the person in your mind and heart for whom you are performing this dua.
  • For approx seven days you have to perform this dua.

Taking into consideration, you don’t forget any of the steps while performing this potent dua, if in case you did a mistake and forget to follow one step then start from the first step.

How do we make one-sided love work?

In youngster life, break-up is very normal and it becomes very difficult to overcome these situations because for them it’s a new phase of their life. Getting attracted to the opposite gender is also very ordinary for them so get out of all such things they should perform dua that will help them in all stages of life.

We know the deeper the love, the more hearting and painful will be the situation. Many people wanted to know the remedy for making one side love both sides. The decisive and potent dua and Wazifa for one-sided love is the only solution for it. It is the simplest dua and Wazifa that we have mentioned in this article, that will convert one-sided love into a beautiful love story. 

Falling in love is the world’s best feeling that you can have in life. Whenever you are in love, everything seems to be beautiful around you. But if other people don’t feel the same for you, it is the worst part. You may also be so afraid of telling the other person that you love, them the most, and it is obvious to have such a feeling, this dua will give you the perfect remedy for this situation.

Most suitable Wazifa for One-Sided Love

This Wazifa will move to your loved one heart very soon because it will give you the best product to you. 

  • Primarily, you have to get up at midnight for performing this special dua.
  • Next, you need to take a fresh shower after waking up.
  • Now, sit in a proper position on the mat.
  • Twice recite, the Raqah of Tahajjud.
  • Narrate the verse,  “Inna Allaah Yusmiuu Manya Shaauu”.
  • Recite it 50 times.
  • Afterward, ask Allah for getting the proposal accepted by him/her.
  • You will get the result soon, but if you perform it continuously for 51 days then your love will last till the end of your life.

Precaution while you perform Dua for one-sided love

Some important instructions that you shouldn’t do while you perform the dua:-

  • If you are performing, this dua for one-sided love, then you should have a pure heart and mind.
  • In case you are not considering emotions and the power of the dua, then you are not on a right track. Make sure you respect the dua instructions.
  • Allah wants us to do only two things:- 

       Do hard work and have patience for the results.

       Allah only prefers to complete dua that comes from real emotions.

All these precautions are really just for your safety which means we want you to get the best result, without doing any mistakes. There is no greed in our hearts, we just want our brothers or sister to get the love of their life and complete their love story.

If you would not take any kind of precautions, then there is a 100% chance that you may don’t get the result. 

Is one-sided love a sin? 

Obviously, not it’s not a sin at all. If everything is within the limit and within the expected boundaries of Allah then there is nothing wrong with that. Even though love and relationships are always on the priority list of Allah, all things should be in a particular manner. In short, everything should be under some principles and guidelines, and that must be followed.

If you started falling for someone, then it’s not your fault, it’s a natural process that is not in the control of a human being. Love is an honor that is not given to everyone by Allah. Pure love is considered a blessing, for Allah. 

What are the possible outcomes?

The result of the Dua will be you will the person you love and you will see the result till the end of your life. This dua will enable your partner to love you as much as you love them. Allah always wants you to get love more than you expect.

How long will it take the dua to work?

The time will not be taken too much because this dua is one of the best dua which is preferred by most experienced people in life. If it would take time, then just wait & have believed in Allah, there must be some amazing results for you. There are no times of specific dua as it all depends on your seriousness and will of performing the dua. The person you wish to love will start feeling intense love with you.

What is the right time and place to perform Dua?

Every dua has different timing to perform, but this dua Powerful dua for one-sided love you can very easily execute at any moment and also spot. Just care about the there sound be no dust around you and the place must be clean. 

Is this dua really helpful?

Yes, this dua has given truly a great advantage to a number of people, there is no doubt about this for sure. It is all about how to perform, and how much faith you have in Allah, nothing else. It will help in all ways, don’t be afraid of any side effects, it is dua that never has side effects.


Powerful dua for one-sided love, We have provided the most potent and ideal dua that will help you to solve almost the whole problem, related to your love life and relationship. If there is any other doubt about the dua, have a conversation with the person who has great experience in performing dua for a long point of time. We feel so pleased to help you with each problem that comes your way. And for any query or assistance get in contact with

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