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Powerful Dua For Someone Passing Away

Powerful Dua For Someone Passing Away

We never want to lose someone in our life. As we all know it is a solid and bad feeling ng ever. Even when someone around is ill, at that time also we can’t see them like this, and we feel so bad for them. Today we have dua for someone passing away, which is the strongest dua for saving our loved ones in life. 

This dua is going to help you to always smile and stay positive around people who are not well. If the environment around the person who is not well is happy then they live a longer life and doing all these things is always a pleasure to do something for them. This gives us satisfaction in ourselves if we do something for them. 

How Am I Able To Prevent The Death of A Loved One?

Life is unpredictable, we live now but don’t know about the next second. We don’t know about life, it can create situations which is unexpected. When our condition becomes drastic, no one knows. This dua will change your mindset toward positivity so that you can be happy forever in your life. Read dua for waking up in the morning.

Everybody wants to be near their loved ones. So they may live calmly since the importance of needing comfort in life is quite unclear. If you really want to save your loved one, read this dua in a perfect and accurate manner, so that you can impress Allah and save your person from suffering. 

Moreover, if we really love someone in our family or out of the family then we care for them. So, the dua should also be conducted in a certain way so that we get connected to Allah and pray for blessings for our loved ones. Read powerful ruqyah against evil eyes.

Special Dua For Someone Passing Away

Having someone around who actually cares for us is such a great feeling. If dua is conducted in the right manner then the one who is not well will be treated so well that you can’t even imagine. All the people will take care of them and treat them like a queen or king. Whatever they ask for will be right in front of them. Read dua for finding love from your spouse in Quran.

Take the food which you like the most. But it should not be fast food and have a dress with you which you have to wear on this day.

  • Then you start the prayer with full emotions.
  • Afterward, read- “Allahumma-ghfir li hayyina wa mayyitina wa shahidina wa gha’ibina wa saghirina” for 21 times
  • Next study surah Al-Baqarah about 11 times.
  • End the dua with durood-e-Pak, especially for the person passing away. 

This dua is one of the best-known dua for a person who is passing away. 

Who Can Perform This Dua For A Passing-Away Person?

It is very obvious the one who is ill or not well, will not be able to perform dua. Moreover, it is important that we should know who else can perform this dua for them. This dua can be performed by anyone who actually cares for them, the one who cares will do anything whatever is recommended in the dua. Read Dua to make someone obsessed with you.

Many people meet with an accident while driving or anywhere they are traveling either on a bus, train or by their own car. So, instant dua needs to be done for those people because in an accident they may get hospitalized so, we have less time to ask Allah for blessing. 

We don’t want to lose them; even in such an accident, no one is prepared for it and they suffer a lot without them. So, it is better to conduct dua at a right for someone without whom we can even think of our life. This dua is actually very serious as some passing away is not at all a joke. So, their no restriction that anyone can perform this dua at any point in time. Read powerful wazifa to destroy enemy forever.

Some Dua’s Must Be Performed When Someone Is In Serious Condition

Dua for Forgiveness- This dua should be conducted for those who are serious about whatever mistakes or sins have been done by them in their life. So, it is very important that we ask them to forgive them for everything bad they have done in life. Recite:- Allaahummaghfir li warfa’ darajatahu fil-mahdiyyeena” for 51 times to forgive fault they did with anyone.

Dua for Peace- When someone is near death, they should have peace in their mind. And their family members also need calmness and peace in their mind. So that they could do whatever they can for someone, with a relaxed mind. Peace of mind is very vital if our mind is not stable, then we are not able to handle any kind of situation. Narrate –  “Allaahum-maghfir lahu warhamhu, wa ‘aafihi” for 11 times. Read Benefits Of Reading Surah Maryam.

Dua for good treatment- Good treatment plays a significant role in terms of someone’s life. Sometimes doctors are so busy, that they are not able to pay attention to or patient. So, at that time is important to do this dua. Conduct:- “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un” for 7 times.


Death is something that is natural but at the same time, we wanted to remain with that person for as much time as possible. The blessing of Allah is the power that is given to resolve problems by us with that power. The adult thing is to be aware of your sorrow, and to admit it. And to ask for help from others who care. It is true when someone is not well, we feel so bad and pity for them. It is best dua for someone passing away. Also, Read 7 Solution Dua For Health That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

You must carefully follow all of the instructions if you want to maintain your relationships with your partners. This will ensure that there are no problems with the dua’s outcomes. In addition to this, if you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner for the rest of your life, your good attitude and end tickets will support your relationship with your loved ones. (984 and edit)

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