Powerful Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

Aslam Walekum to all the people who are with us and giving time to us. We will give you the solution to the problems you have in life. Dua To Attract Someone Towards You In this article, we will tell you about the most potent and influential dua that will help to attract someone to you.

This dua will not only help you to attract someone but also make your husband/wife or crush in deep love with you. Do you really have a feeling for someone? You also want him/her to fall for you? But they don’t even know you or they don’t notice you? 

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Why Are We Performing This Dua?

All these problems are very common and for human beings, it’s normal to feel attraction to someone. It is extremely casual for the opposite sex to attract each other. We have for you the most potent Dua to attract someone towards you, so don’t worry we will give the solutions correctly and you don’t have to go anywhere.

If you have any crushes, you put all the effort to attract & impress them which is a very common thing. This Dua to attract your loved one towards you will help you get your crush with no more effort. It will create a love for you in that person’s heart. 

The Dua can do anything that we wish. It is a big blessing for a Muslim to perform dua & invite Allah who brings love, gifts, and peace into our lives. Till now whoever has come to our site hasn’t been disappointed with us.

Additionally, if you facing any kind of ignorance from someone, & you are not able to handle it then this Dua will work for you to the best. This Dua will grant you the most positivity and calm in your life.

Most Powerful Dua To Attract Someone Towards You

The best dua for making attract someone:-

  • Firstly, 101 times recite Surah Naas.
  • After that recite Dua to attract someone near you – “Lihum Ruksaar Nigham e Noor”.
  • Do this dua 111 times.
  • Next, recite Surah lkhlaas 51 times.
  • Then grab a pure white part of the paper in your hands.
  • On the paper, write the exact spelling of the one you want to attract.
  • Then read Iman e Mufassal for 11 times.
  • Blow on the piece of paper.
  • Dig the paper in the soil.
  • Take a small part of the soil and throw it outside your house.
  • Finally, read out Surah Muzammil 101 times.

Dua is slightly longer, but you have to perform it for only 3 days. It will give you the results. 

Unique Wazifa of 5 Easy Steps To Attract Someone

  • As usual, you have to take a bath & wear neat and proper clothes.
  • Clothes should be like it covers your full body.
  • For 7 times read Durood Sharif.
  • Next, recite ” Ya Wadudu Ya Raufa Ya Raheem” 111 times.
  • Again read Darood Sharif 5 times.
  • At last, make dua for that person you want to make them attract towards you.

All of us know that Dua is something that can never go to waste. May it take time, but it will work for sure, we just have to be patient and strong. Execute this for 5 days & soon you will get the results.

Alternative Wazifa To Attract Someone Toward You

  • You have to perform this in the middle of the night.
  • Make sure you should take a bath.
  • Wear washed clothes.
  • After completing Salaah & then pray a Tahajjud Salaah.
  • Then you have to open the Quran and then recite Surah Yaseen.
  • For finishing, remember the person you want to attract.

It is an alternative Wazifa for making someone attracted to you. If you really believe in Allah, then you will get the result within a short period of time. And do this procedure for seven days without any breaks. 

Some Important Precautions to Take

  • Please be sure about the person you want to attract towards you.
  • Don’t be confused about what you exactly need from Allah.
  • Always have positive and clear thoughts toward your loved one or someone you want to attract.
  • If you are thinking that you will attract someone for your use, then this dua is not gonna work for it.

Can Someone Attract Their Ex-Husband By This Dua?

If you want to get your ex-husband attracted to you then perform this powerful dua in the evening time. Your ex-husband will definitely come back to you very soon and you will be so blessed because of Allah only.


This article of Dua to attract someone towards you will undoubtfully give you results. Additionally, we have already seen the results even at our home. Now, just waiting for the comments that you have also got what you had wished for.

Perform it with full dignity, without making any mistakes, & with full belief, faith, and prosperity in Allah.

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