Powerful Dua To Bring Wife Back Home

The wife is a vital member of the husband’s and family’s lives. She took responsibility for each and every member of her family. But misunderstandings start happening between husband and wife creating the bad condition at home. Such situations move to the next level just because of increasing the misunderstanding, then the wife has no option except to leave the home. Those husbands who wanted to bring their wives home should conduct Dua To Bring Wife Back Home.

Everyone loves their wife, they are always precise with their husband but just because of misunderstandings and some issues she has left you then it’s the right time to make the situation right and bring her back home.  

How Will This Dua Help You To Bring Your Wife Home?

These circumstances arise when there is a communication and emotional gap between the couple. They don’t pay attention to these things until they find themselves in such situations.  But now you don’t have to deal with any problems we are here to help you in every possible way to bring your loving wife back home.

This dua will solve all the problems and your wife’s heart will melt at she starts thinking about you very soon. She will return home with a grin and will begin to love you more.  Also, her own look for ways to talk to you and find ways to come back home. Read Dua To Marry Someone Of Your Choice.

Sometimes wives are connected with other men, and you love your wife so much & want to be with her. So, through this, these types of problems are also solved & you will have a happy life with your wife. 

The Correct Way To Perform This Dua?

Most relationships break because of disrespectful nature and unmannered people. If both partners in a relationship do not appreciate and support one another. Then there is a good possibility that such a relationship will terminate shortly. Because a lack of respect implies a lack of affection.  So, it’s better to respect your partner always. Read How To Choice Good Life Partner.

  • Always take care when you perform this dua, you follow each and every minute of instruction given in this dua.
  • Never disobey your partner and elder ones at home because it has the wrong impact on your relationship. 
  • Every man should also respect their wife because she also deserves the same respect as you expect from her. 
  • After performing this dua she will always think about you and she will always respect you as well. 
  • Be aware that she must not be feeling uncomfortable with you in any way whether it’s physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Special Dua To Bring Wife Back Home

Before starting this dua we have to make a most common dua for Allah. Which we recite on regular days. These are the best dua that will fill your house with happiness and cheerfulness. Read Dua For Good Life Partner.

  • Begin it with the Surah Yasin narration only 3 times. 
  • Next start chanting the Surah Al-Qasas verse 23 which is specially for the family and for solving the problems going on in the family. 
  • Afterward, it is time to offer Salawat 7 times and say bismillah 31 times. 
  • Now end this dua with faith and devotion in Allah.

After performing this Allah, don’t talk to anyone for 30 minutes and sit in the same position where you are performing the dua. This dua is going to give 100% results and your wife will be at home only in a few days. 

Surah To Bring Wife Back Home

When we perform Surah with dua, it has a great impact on it & we get the results more quickly. The way to bring your wife home, making surah is the best one as it is the safest way. Because if your wife is not ready to talk to you or if you send a message through someone she may get more angry.  So, it is better to perform dua. 

There are two surahs which are specially for the sake of bringing someone close to us or bringing someone special back home.  Surah Al-Baqarah verse 124 and Surah Ar-Rum verse 34 are the two surahs that will make you and your wife together. 

If you repeat this Surah every seven days, you will notice benefits fairly quickly.  

Perfect Wazifa To Bring Your Wife Home

  • If you want to make your Wazifa effective, then start with the step of wudhu.
  • Next, narrate “ implore You, Ya Allah, to bless our union and send my cherished wife back home. You are the Turner of hearts and the Source of peace and harmony” 11 times. 
  • Just after it chanted the third Kalma only 21 times. This will make every dua effective.
  • Inshallah, your wife will come back soon to you and you both stay happy with the blessing of Allah.

How You Can Keep Your Relationship With Your Wife?

When you are in a relationship, then it is very important to have genuine communication with your wife, so that she can share all her feelings, and thoughts with you. It is also crucial for you to discuss whatever is going through your head. 

Always appreciate your wife if she made something for you then praise her. If she is looking good then compliment her. Through such efforts, she will feel valued and loved. We all know that physical affection plays a very important part in couples. You should express your love through touch, this will make a deeper connection between you with your wife. Read The Holy Quran In Love And 3 Beautiful Quran Quotes.


When you are facing the problem of a wife leaving home, then it is very common to take guidance and direction from Allah. Always remember that every relationship is different, there is not always one solution for every problem. You have to reach the solution with patience and a real desire to find out the exact reason that led you to the separation.  

The underlying problems must be addressed and resolved in addition to depending on spiritual practices. Rebuilding the relationship and fostering harmony in the household requires open conversation, understanding, and compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What thing I should keep in mind while making an argument with my wife?

Never use your hands, while being in an argument, however, this can bring your relationship to an end. We don’t have to make the condition worse, we need to solve it. Always talk about the facts, and never rely on assumptions.

What I am doing dua, can I communicate with my wife?

Communication is a very important factor in Marital problems. Talking to each other can help you resolve things in a better way. You can put your perspective in front of her and recall your commitments towards her but at the right time. However, these connections can actually make your relationship stronger and more effective. 

Can I get help in addition to dua from Islamic Scholars?

Yes, making actual efforts to heal and move on is necessary in addition to offering dua. Limiting contact with the individual, focusing on self-improvement, engaging in other activities, and getting professional treatment if necessary are all options. Surrounding oneself with a supportive network might also help you heal.

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