Powerful Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart [100% Works]

Every couple has fights or arguments, but no doubt it is part of a relationship. Problems arise when disputes start increasing day by day. All these things make the relationship weak and they suffer a lot in it. So, it’s better to cure them on time. It is especially women who take care of each and everything in a relationship. As they are more tense about the problems going on with their husband. So, dua to increase love in husband heart is beneficial for those ladies. 

We have so many ways of increasing love in a husband’s heart by which they will start loving you and caring more about you. To make all these things true, we have to pray so that Allah blesses us with lots of love from our husbands. As we all know dua is the weapon for all the problems in the world. 

Some Principles That Must Be Followed Before Starting This Dua

  1. Never let anyone know about this dua, conduct it secretly. 
  2. Many evil eyes are around you be aware of that.
  3. Follow all the instructions of dua, don’t miss any of them.
  4. Don’t involve a third person in the dua, not even any kind of family member. 
  5. Don’t smoke or drink in between days of dua. As all these things may be added to your sins. 
  6. Keep all things clear around you, which means there should not be any kind of dirt near you and the place should be properly cleaned. 
  7. The intention of performing should be pure and you must not be doing it with a bad heart. 
  8. Women take care, don’t conduct it at the time of their periods. 

Significant Dua To Increase Love In Husband’s Heart

Trust & love is one of the most essential parts of marriage. Your husband may be fighting with you, angry with you, or anything it can be. So, obviously, it is not at all bearable to anyone. Therefore, it is crucial that we make this dua before your relationship ends. Read How To Bring Or Get Lost Love Back By Black Magic Spells.

  • Begin the dua with Fazr namaz in the morning then say two words i.e. “Ya Qayyum in a loud voice about 111 times regularly without taking a break.
  • Next, take two minutes and tell Allah all the problems that you are facing with your husband.
  • Afterward, ask Allah to give you a solution to everything. And forgive you for whatever you did a mistake in your life. 
  • At last, recite – “Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheemu” 111 times. 

This dua is also known by the name of 111 dua. Because everything we have to read or recite 111 times. Read How To Do Or Get Istikhara For Love Marriage.


Some people face a lot of problems in their love life. They suffer a lot and don’t get what they actually want from their husband whether it is emotionally, physically, or mentally. As if we got married we expect our partner to listen to us and understand us at each point in time wherever it is needed. Read Dua For Finding Love From Your Spouse In Quran.

  1. You must be simply clean with your heart and soul. 
  2. After this one read Surah Yasin. 
  3. Chant “Innallaha Yusmaiu Mayash ahu” 111 times while thinking of the mind of your husband. 
  4. Lastly, ask Allah to build love with your husband. 

In case your partner is beating you, then understand one thing you don’t have to tolerate such things, just directly go to the police. If your husband is not caring for you or getting irritated by you. Then you should perform the Wazifa as well as the dua. Read Powerful Dua For Long Distance Relationship.


  • Try to do things together- It is crucial that every couple should try to do something together like prayer, going to functions & many more which can be done together. More the time you spend with each other more you will understand each other and express things. There will be less misunderstanding if you both talk. 
  • Never fight over past mistakes- If we fight over past things, we will get in trouble more because the past always destroys the present. So, it’s better to take care of small things which can make our future better. After coming home from work don’t ask him to do anything which will start scolding you because he is already so much frustrated from work. It’s better to keep quiet. 
  • Talk politely- In a relationship, it is important that we have to be polite with each other and talk with respect. Women and even men should appreciate their partners so that there is always dignity maintained in a relationship.
  • Respect- If you love somebody then you should definitely respect that person. Men are someone who they are respected by their partner, they love to be with them. And also love them a lot.
  • Trust- Always trust your men, if you trust them blindly and your husband knows about this then he will not do anything that will hurt you or break you from the inside. The basis of our relationships will be strengthened if we never repeat what happened and continuously forgive one another.
  • Never blame- In a relationship there are a lot of fights, so it is better not to blame a single person for every argument. Blaming always hurts the other person. So, it’s better to say sorry to each other time before the fights extend.

Dua to increase love in husband heart will give you so many advantages in the future. You will see that your husband has started giving you attention and respecting you so much within a given period of time. If you actually want to have a good relationship with your husband then you must follow this dua on a regular basis. Also, Read Surah For Love Marriage.

If you have any kind of problem in a husband and wife relationship then you should always perform this dua and stay away from all these things. You both will be attracted by this dua and never want to be apart from each other. Every problem has a solution in the Quran. For positive results, we just need to choose and use the best practice strategy in our lives. Also, Read Dua For Becoming Pregnant Fast.

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