Powerful Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake

As we all know, not everyone realizes their mistakes and tries to apologize to anyone. We are the poppet of Allah, it is very natural that we will take the wrong steps in life. Someone’s mistake can trouble us for a lifetime. However, the other individual refuses to accept their error. To make them realise their error, we must conduct the Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake

If a person who is really close to our heart has made any kind of mistake but they have hurt us with some of their action or said something bad about us. We don’t want to lose them so we should recite this dua for admitting their mistakes. Few people are still there who accept their mistakes but it is not possible every time.

How Do We Get Someone To Admit Their Error? 

Every individual faces problems in their life. No one is living with 100% happiness and going through so many difficulties. Making someone realise their mistake is not easy, we have to put effort into this. 

Most of the time, when we ask someone to say sorry their ego starts hurting at that point in time. And after all this situation they stop talking to us. This is the worst condition when we lose someone special in our life.

 Thus, we should conduct this special dua for them, which will make them admit their mistake and they will say sorry to you. And they will not repeat that mistake in their lifetime. Read Dua For Health.

Outstanding Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake

After reciting the dua you will get two benefits. First, the other person will say sorry for what he did to make you hurt. Secondly, they will come back to you with the same bond they share was sharing with you. 

  • Execute the dua with full energy and there should not be any kind of dullness in your body as well as behavior.
  • Then conduct Durood e Ibrahimi 3 times after saying the proper namaz.
  • “Wa tammat Kalimatu Rabbika sidqanw” chant for 121 times.
  • Now narrate Durood Shareef 7 times which will make your dua pure and with a kind heart. 
  • Lastly, end it by asking Allah for their blessing and forgiveness in your life. 

You must recite this dua till the individual returns to apologize. Most probably you will get the result in just 7 days. If not then have patience & faith for results in Allah. You will always receive something beneficial in return after doing any type of dua. 


  • Don’t perform for those who have no fault in hurting you.
  • Never take dua for granted and start conducting it without any jealousy.
  • Always talk to everyone with a calm nature, if we are talking with someone rudely, then the other person will also give an answer in the same way. 
  • In case we are conducting for an individual who is an enemy of yours, then their no means of performing this dua, because it will not give you any results.

Before conducting any dua we need to know its precautions because it can even give you the inverse effect if done with bad intention or in case of jealousy. 

Unique Wazifa To Make Someone Realise His Mistake

Life is a tragedy we have to deal with lots of things. It hurts the most when someone is very close to us after a breakup or divorce. This situation is one of the toughest parts of life. Some people move on easily & some move their life into depression which destroy their life completely. The life becomes very frustrating for them. Hence, at this time we have only one thing to do and ask Allah to help us. Read Dua For Success In Quran.

  1. Start it with your ablution which gives you a clear mind and makes you beautiful from mind and heart as well.
  2. Next, we have to narrate Allah Yusmiyu Mayyashao with full devotion.
  3. Then, chant Surah Fatir 31 times which will make other person feel guilty about their mistakes.
  4. Afterward, blow on the hair of the person who is making you feel bad. 
  5. If you have patience then conduct it for 31 days, and if not then for only 7 days. 
  6. End this Wazifa with Durood-e-Shareef by explaining all the incidents that happened with you with another person.

Other Benefits of Dua

Calmness of mind– When you will conduct this dua, there will be peace of mind. You will have some of the satisfaction in you and there will not be any kind of problem with anyone around you. 

Regained love- If we want someone or your ex back in our then this dua will help us in every way. There will be so many things which will make you happy for sure.

Marriage to the ideal individual- If in search of a good life partner to marry then after conducting this dua, you will get an ideal partner who will be best for you. 

The love you choose- In case, you have already decided to marry an individual then you will be married to such a person only. Read Dua For Irregular Periods.

A unique wedding that your parents will approve- When you are in love you always want a person to marry with the permission of your parents then this dua will definitely help you with that. 

Approval from society- Whatever you do in your life, after conducting this dua no one is going to be against you in society.


Dua to make someone realise his mistake is the most effective and important dua. If it is not done correctly, then we have to struggle a lot in our lives. Here right manner means there should be always good intentions behind the dua. However, we know it is difficult dua to make someone realise their mistake, but with the help of dua, it becomes the easiest thing. Remember that making dua is a way of asking Allah for guidance and assistance, but it should be accompanied by actual attempts to help the individual realize their error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a dua to assist someone in recognizing their Mistake?

Yes, you can make dua to guide someone to know their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. But always take care, it should be only for taking them to the right path and you should not have any kind of bad intentions for them. Otherwise, soon you will be punished by Allah. Also, read Istikhara For Love Marriage.

Can I recite certain Quranic chapters or Allah’s names to assist someone in realizing their error?

We can recite Quranic verses or Allah’s names to take blessing for the person who made a mistake. Chapters can also be narrated for forgiveness like Surah Al-Furqan. If you chant correctly, these verses will also benefit you.

Will Allah pardon me and grant my request?

If you made a mistake and you lied to everyone, then a lot of problems are coming to you. However, if you actually have the guilt of making some mistakes say sorry to Allah. Then you will be blessed by Allah as we are their child and parents always forgive their children.

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