Powerful Dua To Recover Money From Someone [100% Works]

Money is something that is a need of each and every person. Nowadays without money, there is no life. Needs are increased by every individual & they want to complete each and every wish. For completing their wishes they borrow money from banks or some other people. Later they are not able to return it for some reason. And the one who has given money to them suffers for their own money. Today we are discussing the topic of Powerful Dua To Recover Money From Someone. So, stay tuned with this article.

Going to court may take years to get back your money. So, we have dua to recover money from someone, that will get back your money as soon as possible. Not all people carry off money for their needs, some people genuinely need money and have their own requirements. 

That’s why they don’t have the option except to take money from people and then they are not able to return that money, because of their bad conditions of not having money. 

It is quite unbelievable that if we do dua then we will get our money back but this actually works. A lot of people have narrated this dua and got their money back in a very short time. Just try it once and see how soon you will get back your money. 

Rules That Must Be Followed Before Conducting Dua

  • If you are earning from your hard work then only perform this Powerful Dua To Recover Money From Someone.
  • Never ever trust people who lie to you. 
  • Make sure you have taken a proper shower and conducted the dua on time. 
  • Don’t let anyone use you and take money from you. 
  • Always think positively that you will get your money back while you are performing the dua. 
  • A prayer mat also plays a very important role in doing dua, so a mat should always be hygienic and sterile.

Effective Dua For Getting Your Money Back From Someone 

At present, money is the father of everything as we all want money to buy stuff like clothes, food, shelter, etc. Even for our education, luxury living, or entertainment purposes, we need money.  Even all your family members, friends, and relatives have a different image of you if you have money or you earn well.  

And if your hard-earned money is taken by someone & they don’t return you then it is the worst feeling ever. So, this dua will help you get your hard cash back in very little time. 

  • You must be in the process of ablution.
  • After that, read durood-e-Shareef 21 times.
  • Then we have to narrate the following dua 131 times.


  • There should not be any kind of gap when you recite the above dua, you are only allowed to drink water 3 times.
  • After each namaz of the day, recite Ayat 128-129 of Surat At Taubah.
  • Read the Ayat as much as you can.

Conduct this dua till you don’t get the results. This dua will give you results that will be surely in your favor if your money would be of diligent. Ask Allah to get your money back for someone who had taken it from you. 

Most Effective Time For Pursuing Dua

There is no perfect timing for dua as Allah only wants you to do it in a certain and positive manner. Performing dua in the right manner also has a role in the acceptance of dua by Allah. Hence, dua should be conducted in the proper manner for the best results. 

As there are many cases where we have to suffer because of someone else. If we take an example if someone has owned the money from you then they are not giving you back after so much saying to them but they are not giving. We can go to court but in terms of relatives and friends, we don’t prefer to do so. That is why this is the perfect dua to perform for recovering money from family and friends. 

Wazifa For Recovering Money

  • Initially, we need to take a fresh and proper Wudu.
  • Thereafter we should take a yellow color piece of paper and write “BISMI-LLAHI R-RAHMANI R-RAHIM”.
  • Then write the amount of money that you need to recover from someone on paper. 
  • At last, just pray to Allah for giving all his blessings and give another person a mind for returning your money as soon as possible.

We should always help people in their hard times if we are blessed with money by Allah. There should not be any kind of bitterness for anyone because this is counted as a sin. Money should be saved by us because in hard times this will help us always. Dua is the only weapon from which we can achieve anything. So just pray to Allah to get all your hard work and money back. Never forget Allah is always with us in all circumstances. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this dua for recovering money will really work?

Powerful Dua To Recover Money From Someone will give you a hundred percent results and your hard work will definitely come back to you for sure. Hard work is something that always comes back to you wherever it is and whoever owes your money. It is the best part of our life, as in the present time human has no feeling or emotions for anyone.

Who can conduct dua to recover the money?

This Powerful Dua To Recover Money From Someone must be narrated by the person who has lost their money. It will be beneficial for them and for their families. If in case they are not able to perform it then their close family member is also allowed to do it but not any other person who is not a member of the house. 

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