Powerful Dua To Remove Hatred From The Heart

Hate, Anger, and Jealousy are some of the aspects which can destroy our life. It is also not in our control and this is the worst feeling when we into this phase. We know that on this earth, we can’t live alone, we need the support of other humans as well either in the form of family, friends, or colleagues. Dua to remove hatred from the heart is very important otherwise, we can’t live our lives peacefully. 

How To Overcome Hatred?

When we fall in love with someone, then their thoughts continuously come into our minds. The same thing happens when we hate someone. These thoughts can make your mind full of bad. things about them. Then these thoughts can make get you the worst effect on your health. At last, you will start hating, whatever is happening with your health and thoughts of your mind. 

Even in a family, we face a lot of comparisons between you and our friends or cousins. We are not in favor of this comparison and start feeling bad and jealous of them. And we know this jealousy will lead to hate and anger. These feelings will direct you to take the wrong steps. Read Dua For Boost Memory.

The only key to getting out of this Hatred is to conduct Dua. Performing dua will cleanse your body plus your mind from the feeling of hatred. The help of dua to remove hatred from the heart is surely going to give you success. Moreover, it is natural that nobody is free from hatred, but smart people know it is important to hide this feeling.  

Special Dua To Remove Hatred From Heart

“Bismillahillazi la yadharu ma’asmihee Shai ann filardee wa la fisamaaee wa huwa Sami-ul-Aleem”

Never feel hatred for someone faithful in your life. As our Allah is most kind and forgiving for us. Reciting the given dua above will make you feel relaxed and will guide you on how to calm down in bitter situations. Reading this dua 5 times in the morning, 5 times at noon, and 5 times in the evening, is going to have a calming effect on the person for whom you have hate in your mind. 

Next read verse Surat al-Hashr, in which the devotee of Allah asks to remove the negativity from the heart of the other believers. However, it is considered to be the most important step to build self-control. Read Dua For Newly Married Couple.

On moving towards the path of dua, you will not harm anyone in a lifetime, because of hatred with regard to others. In case, your mind is overpowered by another person then you should do dua to remove every aspect of the circle i.e. Anger, hate, and jealousy. 

Dua For Jealousy And Anger

Jealousy is something that gives you the worst feeling just because you are not at their level or not able to compete with them. Mostly this happens when we are not able to achieve our desires and someone is fulfilling those desires. It is very common, once in life we face this situation. To overcome such situations when this jealousy converts into Anger, here is the dua:-

  • Firstly, motivate yourself by observing other behaviors who are near you.
  • Always take care of your emotions and acknowledge the problem that is coming your way. 
  • Change your negative ideas with happy ones.
  • “Allahum-ma anta ‘adhudi wa anta nassiree,bika ajulu wa bika assulu wa bika ‘uqatel”.
  • Chant this dua with the Sahifa to get the outcomes faster.
  • Always understand the role you are playing in your situation. 

Always have a pure heart because in Islam there is no place for a bitter heart. Narrate this dua to get free from jealousy and Anger. 

Why Does This Hatred Come To The Heart?

When we are jealous of someone either in our working area, at home, or anywhere else due to any reason. Then we start hating them day by day which is not in your control. The Envy of you for that person can take you to the wrong path. 

However, when someone starts hating anyone for taking revenge they can do murder or anything. After hating someone, we begin to show them anger even in front of them. In case they started controlling their anger that means control of the nerves. That’s why it is told in the starting only that Jealousy, Anger, and Hate are interrelated to each other. Read The Best Reasons To Observe Ramadan This Year.

If you have anger toward someone then you will start feeling hatred for them and afterward, automatically you will feel jealous of them. It is the emotion of a circle that is not in our control but the closure of this circle is unfavourable. As it may result in taking the life of others. 


Hatred arrives between the two people when they have some conflicts or fights between them. Mostly, this occurs because of not matching their thoughts and decisions on the same topic. So, such feeling converts into anger and jealousy. We will remove all the bitterness which is present in the chest and will work on it.

Never ever pay attention to those who are not going to be there for you in your bad times. Always invest in those that stay with you in any condition. At last, have belief and patience which will remove your anger, stress, hatred, and jealousy.


We all know that the Quran is the solution to everything. In the Muslim community, the Quran has a significant role for each and every believer. It guides us in the best way to keep ourselves away from each and every negative thing and thoughts. Narrating Dua to remove hatred from the heart will give you peace of mind after so much negativity going on in your mind and heart. 

Always remember that the outcome of Hatred will only affect you, not others. It can affect your mind, health, and everything in your life. Whenever it is possible to remove or remove anger or hate for anyone. Then try to do it, because it is going to help you only. Also, read Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you defend yourself against hatred?

To defend yourself from hatred, there are a number of methods in the holy book. That will help you in every way. With the help of these ways, you can also ask for the forgiveness of sins. Conducting to keep away hatred from the heart is the best way. No other option can help you. 

What is the right way to deal with hatred inside us?

Jealousy is always considered as a Disease in the body. The feeling of hatred will add lots of sins to your life. You should have the power to control and hide your emotions. If you do not have control over this then recite “ Ya Rahmanii Aghiithny” for 101 times regularly. After this narrate Durood Shareef as well.

Can I connect with Allah with this Dua?

This depends on you, the way of performing of dua, and the emotion or intention you hold during the dua. However, we all know dua is the only way we can unite with Allah. This will not only connect you to Allah but also get you forgiveness from Allah for the mistakes you made in your life. 

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