Powerful Dua To Stop Arguments Between Husband And Wife

The husband and wife bond is really very special. But arguments may take this special bond to the wrong level. This makes the surrounding environment toxic and gives a false effect on other family members. We all know that marriage is a promise to the last breath that they will leave with each other. For Allah, it is a bond that will last in heaven. Powerful dua to stop arguments between husband and wife.

If in a house there is a successful married couple, then the house is no less than heaven on earth. A happy couple with a family leads to a happy society. However, we look around and see the couple happy. And start thinking about how happy they are together, but you don’t how they are managing their relationship. Read Dua for cheating husband.

Doesn’t matter how happy the other couple is seen, each and every couple has ups and downs in their relationship. Whatever, misunderstanding or arguments couples have, there is always a soft corner for each other, & it is the only something that saves every connection. 

How A Relationship Gets Stronger by Performing This Dua

Allah has blessed us with a mouth to eat and a tongue so that we can express our emotions. If we start to think before saying anything, there will be a lot of changes that exist between everyone. 

If from the bottom of your heart, you want to solve the problems then you have to narrate Powerful Dua to stop the Argument Between Husband and Wife. This will help you in every way to solve the problems of your love life and make love between a couple. Read Dua for husband to love his wife only.

Not only this dua will work but you also have to show love for your spouse. Many things you can do like spending as much time as you can, taking care of them, making their favorite dishes, and many more. If you show them love then your relationship will get stronger day by day. 

In case something that is affecting you or your partner then sort it out at that time only. This will help you to create fewer misunderstandings and arguments. The conversation is very important as it can save your relationship till the end. a Dua for one-sided love.

Solitary Dua To Stop Arguments Between A Couple

  • Begin it by making a proper place for conducting the dua. 
  • Remember, that you must be in a state of doing every step and performing it with pure intent. 
  • It is all your choice where you want to narrate the dua, only it should be clean and have a proper piece in surrounding. 
  • Then, Salawat to our dear Prophet and recite the dua at mid of the dua:-

 “Qul kullum mutarabbisun fa tarabbasoo fa sa ta’lamoona man Ashaabus Siraatis Sawiyyi wa manih tadaa.”

  • Whenever you perform it, don’t ask Allah for anything else. 
  • Afterward, ask Allah to stop fights that are happening every day between you both, & ask for always keeping both of you together. 
  • Later, end it with closing Supplication. 

By the grace of Allah, you will soon get the result within 3-4 weeks. 

What Is The Benefit of Executing This Dua For Ending Arguments?

We all know that dua is performed for seeking help from Allah, so this one is dua for taking help from Allah for sorting the arguments that are happening between a couple. Furthermore, it will help you get guidance from Allah. 

If you are dealing with any kind of problem then this will permit you to resolve every issue. It is a kind of tool that can be used to stop the fights between you both. Read Dua to find your soulmate.

If you perform this dua, both of you will start discussing each topic that is needed and you will start having a mutual decision very soon. If you and your husband are having a lot of issues then you must go to this most powerful and effective dua for terminating arguments. 

Many Hadiths Mention The Following

  • If you are in a fight, then one of you should stay silent because it is the best option to stay away from big fights.
  • Many times, arguments are that much which leads to divorce, but we don’t have to be to that level. So, we should solve it by keeping calm and respectful.
  • If you don’t respect your partner then no one can stop you from getting away. Moreover, respect is something that plays a very vital role. 
  • Never ever talk to each other in a loud voice. 
  • Always solve every fight before going to sleep. 
  • Don’t repeat anything from the past, as it is gone and there is no means of repeating it. 
  • Always tell the mistakes each other and try not to repeat those mistakes.

Niyyah ( Intention of Narrating Dua)

“AL-MUJEEB” Today, I’m reciting this Dua to put an end to a disagreement between a husband and wife because, as you know, AL-MU’ID, we argue about everything.


The Quran encourages us to respect everyone and everything. You emanate respect when you respect others. That energy will undoubtedly deepen your connection, and no petty disagreement will be able to crash it. This powerful dua to stop arguments between husband and wife will help you make everything okay and will help you get a lot of blessings from Allah. Check our blog for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can perform this dua?

This dua can be performed by any of the partners or if they are not able to conduct then their family members can do it. But it should be conducted in a proper manner without any mistakes. In case you made any mistake then this dua may don’t work.

If this dua doesn’t work then what is the solution?

If this dua doesn’t work then you can take precautions for performing this dua for fights. Stop telling anyone that you are conducting this dua to end the arguments between you both. Also, take care of the people who are around you because the evil eyes of people, seeing you happy can affect them.  

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