Powerful Ruqyah Against Evil Eyes

Ruqyah is something that gives us a cure, especially from Evil eyes. It is diverse by the Quran also for doing Powerful Ruqyah against evil eyes. Ruqyah also gives us a great cure for the Magic as well. We all believe in the Quran, it gives us to power to heal from every situation whether it is a physical health problem, mental or emotional. Everyone knows the power of the Quran, so if the Quran also asks us to do Ruqyah why not?

Evil eyes are something that causes a lot of problems in life, and that harm our life in very unconditional ways. It is some person causing something to us in a very misfortune way. So getting away from all this we have powerful Ruqyah against Evil Eyes.

What Is An Evil Eye?

Evil Eye is something that is transferred from one person to another and affects the lives of others, it may be because of jealousy or other things. All these things bring bad luck to another life or they start facing problems continuously in their health, which may be emotional, mental, or physical. 

All these effects may be what another person is doing intentionally or not. Most probably, it can be done by your close ones they can be a good person to you. So, be aware of such problems.

Always remember there should not be any kind of show-off in your life, from all such show-offs you can be in the eyes of so many people. And they get the bad effects of evil eyes. Try your best to be away from the bad people who don’t like you especially. 

Special Condition For Doing Ruqyah

  • Intention – Ruqyah is a kind of Dua only, intentions should always be so pure, that Allah doesn’t have to think twice about fulfilling, whatever you ask for.
  • Judgment – One person should loudly recite the Ruqyah with firm conviction and all faith in Allah. 
  • Stability and Consistency- Both stability and consistency an important keys for recitation and for getting good results.

All the above-given points have a great impact, while you perform the Ruqyah. So, never forget all these points whenever you initial it. Whenever you will perform Ruqyah you will feel calm and your mind will feel so cool by doing it. 

Hits And Evidence of An Evil Eye

Our universe gives us a lot of evil eye hits, but we don’t get it at the right time and face plenty of problems in life. 

  • Sudden headache – If you get an impulsive headache then it must be a sign, that you are been caught by some evil eyes.
  • Start getting Irritated – Sometimes we start getting irritated by little things, it may be the effect of an evil eye only.
  • Don’t wish to do work – We don’t like to do any kind of work and if any of the work is not done by heart it doesn’t give us results.
  • Feared- You will start feeling scared by little things and fear will always be in your heart.
  • Sick- Day by day you will start feeling sick and of very low energy. 
  • Everything is happening wrong- If everything is happening wrong in life, it must be because of evil eyes only.

Guidence Before You Caste Ruqyah

Initially, you have to take wudu, and then only do Dua. Dua only brings a lot of forgiveness from Allah and many other blessings from Allah. Always make sure that whatever you have done wrong, try to make right if you can, all these can be counted in your sins. 

Also, remove the animated pictures from your surroundings. Any other posters like a written one, or any kind of text written on it get it out of your house and dispose of it in a river. With this, stay with the wudu the whole day and also sleep with it at night.

Procedure During Ruqyah And Powerful Ruqyah For Evil Eyes

In the starting, you have to make clear that you have to recite Ruqyat very loudly, clearly, and with full concentration a minimum of 3 to 7 times. The number of times you complete your Ruqyah, blow on the water and stay close to the water as much as possible. Then use that water for drinking or bathing, as per your choice. If you are facing any kind of pain, then when you are reciting the Ruqyah put your hands on that part of the body. 

In any case, if you are not able to recite the Ruqyah then just listen to it properly and with full concentration.

Recite the following Ruqyah for getting away from the Evil Eyes:-

“Bismillāhi Arqee nafsee min kulli shay’in yu’dheenee wa min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin hāsidin Allāhu yashfeenee”.

How We Can Protect Ourselves From Evil Eyes?

If you want to protect yourself from evil eyes then spread happiness all around and have joyful nature with everyone. Salam should be given to everyone, and gifts should be given to a family on every occasion.

Don’t ever judge anyone, before you know their whole story, and never get jealous of anyone. Never spread any kind of good news about you, except to those who are there with you in your bad times. If you are planning something big, then don’t tell anyone you may get trapped in evil eyes.

One more method can be applicable, rub the oil on the head and body. After it recites the Ruqyah, oil over the head is really effective.

Dua For Getting Away From The Evil Eyes

Here is the step-by-step instruction to perform this Dua:-

  • First, you have to start with the wudu, As we already know Allah never wanted to put you in trouble but it is done only so that you give a normal appreciation to Allah for whatever you have.
  • Next, you have to perform Rakat Salat and then perform Ruqyah loudly.
  • Then narrate the dua given below 111 times:-

         A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammah min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah wa min kulli ‘aynin laammah.”

  • At last, step outspread Zamzam water in the house.

Caste this Dua for a regular 11 days and see the impact of this in your life. 


There are some precautions, that you must take for a better future:-

  1. Before you go somewhere for good work, then take the blessing of Allah.
  2. If someone is going for important work then don’t call them from behind.
  3. Don’t tell any of the dreams to all the people, they may not get completed just because of the evil eyes effect.
  4. Never let someone control you in any manner.
  5. Be aware of the people who are good on your face, but actually don’t want to see you happy.

In this article, we have mentioned all possible ways to remove you from evil eyes. And also you can do anything to get out of the trap of evil eyes but only one thing matters i.e. the trust or faith you have in Allah. 

Today’s generation and the era we are living in is very terrible, as it is full of jealousy and no one can see others happy. So it is the best way to get out of all these things as soon as possible. 

Powerful Ruqyah against evil eyes effects can destroy your life completely. It is important to take action before it’s too late. Furthermore, it is important to always be attentive whenever you are out of your house. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Getastrologysolution.com


Frequently Question Answers

Who Can Perform Ruquah?

Ruqyah should be performed by the person who is facing the bad effects of evil eyes. If it is on the children or the older people means who cannot caste the Ruqyah themselves then their parents or their child can perform this Ruqyah. We should always feel blessed that we have so many options to get out of it. 

We Should Recite Ruqyah or Listen To Ruqyah?

It will be better if you recite Powerful Ruqyah against evil eyes it will give you benefits as soon as possible. In case you are not able to recite it, then with full faith and concentration listen to Ruquah, more will your concentration, and a faster result you will get.

Which Surah Is Beneficial For The Protection of Evil Eyes?

Although there are many Surah that can be cast for the protection of the Evil Eye in the Quran, two of them which is specially done by the people in verse 51 and 52 of Al-Qalam.

If Someone Got Ill Then Will They Be Treated As If They Are Trapped By Evil Eyes?

The Answer to this is a big “No” because our soul is in a human body, and we also get sick as we may have eaten wrong or have crises with the weather changing. If you get ill and you are not getting out of it as you are taking medicines also, then you can prefer it as the effect of Evil Eyes.

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