Powerful Signs of Jinn In The House of Islam

Many unusual things happen to us, on a regular basis but keep ignoring them. These can be because of the Jinn’s. Muslims believe in the other creature of Allah i.e. Jinnat who has supernatural powers and is created from the spokeless fires. For a human, it is the worst feeling they could have in their life like depression, anxiety, or nervousness. If you are suffering from the same situation, then you are in the right place, we will tell you the Signs of Jinn in the House or in your body. 

We have gathered some information from the Quran about Jinnat. This knowledge can help as well. You will be glad to know that Jinn is also asked to follow Islam as well as worship. In this article, we will tell you the procedure, if any Jinn is present in your house, and if yes then how to free from them. 

Who are Jinn’s in Islam?

Jinn are the creatures of Allah, who are present before the human. They are similar to humans, as they can eat, move here and there, eat, love someone get married, and lastly die. Jinnat is created by Allah, just like Humans and angels. Read Islam And The Islamic Talismans.

The main purpose of creating Jinn is to make them worship Allah. However, even the Quran shows the existence of Jinn and also has the Surah named after it as well known as Surah al-Jinn. Similarly, like human beings, they have to go through judgment day. 

Mostly, the sign of the Signs of Jinn in the House you can observe near you is the disturbance in electricity. It is really harmful to our health. As a result, we must understand the symptoms and how to overcome them. 

Symptoms or Signs of Jinn in the House 

Jinn has the power to decide what they want to do, either good or bad. People who ignore their presence, have to regret it afterward. There are several indications that point to the existence of Jinn. All the situations are faced by the believers of Allah. Read How To Perform Tayammum?

  1. You will get nightmares, which can affect the sleep of children and children will stay scared the whole day. 
  2. You may not sleep for the whole night or you are able to sleep for hours, even after a hectic day.  
  3. Maybe you feel someone is around you at your home, is trying you harm you and making all things difficult to do. 
  4. Your behavior is changed instantly and now you getting irritated with small things.
  5. Snakes can be seen at your home. 
  6. Abnormal smells and sounds usually start coming from different areas of the home. 
  7. You may get sick and no doctors are able to know the reason behind this illness. 
  8. Mentally you are not present anywhere, you are only physically present at your work. Headache is also by so many people.
  9. You would not be able to pray or read the Quran properly. 
  10. Any lady in your who is pregnant can cause a miscarriage or premature death can be experienced.  

Types of Jinn’s

There are a lot of Jinn but some of them are actually dangerous.

Efreet- The other name of Efreet is Ifrit. It is considered the most powerful Jin. They have the most powerful evil power and they are of a very cruel nature. Actually their main is to only harm humans in any way. Read How Do I Make My Child Love The Quran?

Shaitan- This jinn has zero powers and is always against Allah. Always wants to make a human in the wrong decision and is very complicated which makes it harder to control him. 

Ghoul- It is the type of Jin who has the power to reshape themselves. They can convert into animals or humans to harm human beings or their preferred victims. They mainly belong to the graveyard. 

When Jinn enters the House, What happens?

You will notice the interference of light at night. Objects around you started moving. Strange animals will start coming to your home. Voices of different animals or ghosts you would listen to. At night you may get to see the images on the wall of some unknown people or animals. 

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Footsteps can be seen on the stairs. It can affect the health of your child or your pregnant wife. The one who is holding all the financial expenses may trapped by the disease. 

Signs that Jinn has attracted you Completely

  • You will observe sudden mood swings like you may get angry at one second and the other second you are smiling or crying. 
  • Wanted to be alone and need no lighting wherever you are. 
  • Spend more time in the toilets and speak loudly with others.
  • You will tell every to stay away from you or you may fight with your family on a daily basis. 

Dua to get rid of Jinn’s from the House Or Body

Dua- “Wa immaa yanzaghannaka minash Shaitaani nazghun fasta’iz billaah; innahoo Samee’un Aleem”
Meaning- “If Satan makes a bad notion to you, seek shelter in Allh. He is, indeed, Hearing and Knowing.”

This dua is not going to show you results if is not done with the right procedure. 

Guideline to conduct dua step-by-step

Firstly, you should have to narrate the five prayers daily. Then conduct any surah it can be Surah Al-Basrah. Now, chant Aytul if possible with Durood Sharief. Next, narrate “Ya wududu” 111 times. Afterward, read the dua given above 501 times. Lastly, Ask Allah to give you protection against the Jinn’s.


These jinn also help you sometimes, because you are afraid of them. And now you will make a prayer with more attention and affection towards Allah. If your dua is strong and impactful, then Jinn will help you in the future to solve every problem in your life. This can make your situation and other circumstances in your family better than before.

However, this article gives you full details about the Signs of Jinn in the House. If you narrate verses from the Quran, then this can help you save yourself from the evil influence. If nothing is going well in your life, then it must be because of Jinn, it would be better if we take precautions timely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jinns are in every house?

Not, always as there are supernatural beings created by Allah who are not everywhere. However, if they are present at your place you can experience some unrealistic activities in your house. So, it can be said that not all households have Jinns. 

Can I get help from Jinn?

Yes, you can take their help in your work or achieving your goals. They are going to help you get all your desires, if you are a true believer in Allah then only. You will always be at the top of your life if Jinn helps you. Also, Read Dua To Protect My Husband Islam.

What should if I see a jinn in my house?

These conditions rarely happen, so in case you find signs like shadows, weird dreams, or anything then you should recite the Surah Al-Falaq. You can even take guidance from someone who has knowledge about Jinn’s.  However, it can be the only best way to get rid of Jinn’s.

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