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Wazifa to get Love Back

Powerful surah for love back & Qurani Wazifa to get Love Back

Losing the love of life is the worst feeling in the world. And such a feeling is a demotivation that doesn’t let us focus on other things in life. It’s better to first solve the issue of such problems and bring your lost love back to life and perform the powerful surah and quranic Wazifa to get love back in your life.

 We have mentioned the Surah in the exact Halah technique and you should with Halal method only. The Wazifa and surah are specially for those who can’t go through the pain of losing the person because it is the dua that will give you result very soon.

If you are in such a situation, that you cannot leave with the person and you are feeling so depressed without them, and at any condition, you want them, then you should go with this Surah and Wazifa. After performing it, the other person will again start feeling for you and they will be back to you. Even you will get more importance, love, and respect from them, than before.

Essential Precaution that Should be Taken Perform Sarah

  • Perform the surah, once you have cleaned yourself with wuzu because being pure is very much important.
  • It is written in Quran that if you perform dua properly then you will get a result of it, 10 times better. So perform it properly.
  • Don’t narrate it for harming others, and it will be considered a big sin for you in Allah’s eyes.
  • Perform the dua at a given time only given as per instruction, because every dua has a specific timing. 
  • Women shouldn’t recite this dua while they are menstruating.

Special Surah for Love Back

 Surah An-Nisa we can narrate, to get our loved one back into our life:-

“Yaaa aiyuhan naasut taqoo Rabbakumul lazee khalaqakum min nafsinw waahidatinw wa khalaqa minhaa zawjahaa wa bas sa minhumaa rijaalan kaseeranw wa nisaaa’a”

Instruction for performing Surah

  • Purity is very important to do any kind of dua, so always initiate with the fresh “WUZU”.
  • Now, take the beautiful names of Allah.
  • Afterward, lift your hands and repeat this dua ten times with Tawakkul.
  • Take the name of your beloved and sip some Zamzam water after chanting the dua.
  • Give a greeting to the loving Prophet Mohammed to conclude your Dua.

If you want your loved one to respond favorably, read this Surah consistently for 5 days.

Superior Qurani Wazifa for Love Back

This will help you get out of the darkness if you perform the Qurani Wazifa for love back, there will be the best outcome from this. Loves give us happiness and contentment in life. If there is a sudden mishappening in a relationship and the relationship gets broken then perform this Qurani Wazifa for love back.

  • For purity purposes, we must first do a new ablution.
  • Next, place your mat on the floor.
  • Recite Durood Sharif 13 times after seating on the mat.
  • Afterward, for 991 narrate Ya Latifu Ya Wadudu.
  • Repeat Durrod Sharif’s steps, and 
  • Finally, take 10 pieces of black peepers, blow them & put them in a fire.

Perform this Wazifa for 21 days with a purified heart, you will get the result very soon.

Don’t get any confusion, the Wazifa for love will end all your frustration in life with your partner. So many people have the power to perform the Wazifa, but they don’t know that they actually have the potential to do that so. 

So never, be demotivated that you cannot perform it and just start doing it. We know and even everyone knows that getting back your love back, is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of effort. So you just have to perform this without any doubt in your heart.

Surah Ikhlas To Get Your Love Back

The meaning of Sural Ikhlas is purity and we do perform this for getting the love and attention of Allah, towards us and our Dua. You must perform it in a regular manner so that Allah always takes care of you. Narrate the Surah Ikhlas given below:-

 “Qul huwal laahu ahad Allah hus-samad Lam yalid wa lam yoolad Wa lam yakul-lahoo kufuwan ahad”

  • Now, wearing full sleeve clothes means clothes that cover your body properly, and perform Ablution.
  • Initiate the prayer by saying “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem “.
  • Nest, at the time of Fazar Namaz, narrates the dua given above 31 times.
  • Bring the picture of the loved one from where ever you can and place it on your picture and blow on it.
  • Lastly, pray to Allah to get your love, back to you with lots of love and happiness.

Powerful Dua to Reunite You and Your Partner Fast

There are many misunderstandings that come in between a couple or in a bf/gf like sometimes we are not able to understand each other, or we are not able to give time to each other then also other person gets angry, or there are so many other reasons.

The relations get upset when all such things happen, we should make sure, we don’t drag such issues to break up a level, and if this mistake you have done, then start performing this Wazifa and Surah to get back your love.

  • Repeat the 3 step’s given above in Superior Qurani Wazifa for Love Back.
  • Next, recite verse for 111 times “Allahuma anzuria wanzuri alfarq bayn adam wahawa”.
  • Repetition, of Durood Shaird’s step.
  • Then Pray to Allah, whatever you wish to have.

If your, love is faded and there is only frustration and anger left in your relationship & your partner is making all sure that the relationship will not work in the future and trying to break out, then don’t wait just start doing this dua right now, because it is the only way that can save your relation.

How Can Surah Be Made More Powerful?

Performing surah is very important because it is the only mode to connect with Allah and share our issues with them. By narrating in a correct manner you will get very close to Allah and tell them your all problem to them.

If you have the spirit to make Surah more powerful, then here are some points given below for this:-

  • One should recite Surah at the Fazer Salah time.

Because at that point in time, the Allah angels are watching all of them who are praying and reciting dua from their hearts.

  • Narrating Surah on Friday will give you more benefits.

Friday is a very important day in the week, the day of Jummah is known that whatever you will ask on Jummah then Allah, will complete it.

  • If you perform this when it’s raining then it will get more potent.

When you saw that it’s raining then at that point time only start performing it, because, at that time, Allah is showering with lots of blessing and love us. So don’t this beautiful chance.


At the end of this article, we have given you the most potent Surah and Wazifa that will help you to get your back in your life. At last, we just need you to do it in the correct way so that you don’t waste your time while starting it again.

If you are really, for any surah or Wazifa to get something or someone back, then you can 100% go with this dua. Don’t get nervous and sad, we have given you the perfect solution to your problem. And for any query or assistance get in contact with

Frequent Question and Answers

Can performing Surah change someone,’s heart?

Yes, Surah can change someone’s heart for sure, because it is the only thing that let to meet Allah so closely and communicate with them to share your all problems in life.

How could we perform Wazifa for marriage?

One should perform within a given point of time because timing plays a very important role in terms of Dua. So never prefer to skip the timing of Dua. Also, you should make sure that there is a clean area where ever you perform it, because, with a clean heart, the surrounding should also be clear around you.

Which one is the special Surah for love?

If you narrate Surah Ya-Sin once in ten days, which means 3 times a month then you will get back your love in your life. Don’t forget to perform it in a given manner only by taking precautions.

How does Wazifa work for Love back?

Wazifa for love back works in every manner, because firstly it gives you 100% results, and it can be performed in a very effortless way. It has been tried by a lot of people and they got the result. Furthermore, it work’s in all the ways, that you wanted & Allah gives us all the blessings that we deserve.

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