Powerful Surah Mumtahina For Marriage

You might have read so many dua’s of Marriage till now, but this is the most potent Surah for marriage which is their is Quran. As we all know marriage is a ritual, if you are living in a society you have to get married. People begin to focus on you if you don’t get married by a certain age. Which is really unacceptable. So, if you’re encountering the same challenge, then this Surah Mumtahina For Marriage is specially made for you. 

However, every believer is concerned about getting the right and compatible spouse. If someone wants to find the perfect partner. Muslims only want to seek guidance and direction from the Quran. Surah Mumtahina has a special place in the Quran. Which contains powerful verses that are mainly for marriage. 

Surah Mumtahina For Marriage Meaning

The 60th chapter of the Quran is Surah Mumtahina, which is known for a lot of benefits. One of the most significant is marriage. This doesn’t include various verses, which means it is a short surah. Surah Mumtahina has only 30 verses. Also known by the name of “the women to be examined”. 

The scholars said that if you chant Surah Al-Mumtahina. This will help you discover a superior, and excellent partner. Also makes your relationship more potent. And even helps you resolve the conflicts between a couple. So, we can that it is an ideal Surah for all the marriage purposes. Which provides useful advice about marriage and for every trait that is important to look in a life partner.  

Benefits of Surah Mumtahina For Marriage

Surah Mumtahina has the right and valuable guidance, especially for those who are seeking a righteous partner. Many believers said that this Surah can also give a lot of holy advantages. Here are a few benefits. Read Powerful Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake.

  • Clarity in decision- When anyone chants Surah Al-Mumtahina then this gives clarity in making a decision for the right companion. This enlightens them to find out whom they can share anything. Including their faith and their values, avoiding the external calibers. 
  • Belief in Allah’s Purpose- Whoever recites the Surah Mumtahina automatically builds a kind of interest in Allah’s purpose of decision. In today’s time, every believer knows that no one is better than Allah. However, our sincere efforts which are a combination of both prayer and trust, give you a compatible spouse at an appointed time.  
  • Accepting Patience- This Surah Mumtahina can give you the power to support your bond with your partner after your marriage. That means most damaged relations can also be mended with this Surah. 
  • It can lead you to the proper track and can remove our sins, which is done by us. 
  • However, this brings ease, understanding, and patience in a relationship, which are the roots of the wedding. Read Powerful Dua For Righteous Spouse.

The Importance of Surah Mumtahina In Finding a Compatible Spouse

Surah Mumtahina is a source of Guidance and blessings that we seek from Allah. It says to never get attached or be in relation to a non-believer in Islam. However, this surah is part of para 28, in chapter 60 of the Quran.  

There is a particular story behind the Surah Al-Mumtahina. That shows the understanding to select the companion or ideal partner in your life.  It basically assists love partners in achieving success in marital issues after the marriage. Read Dua To Remove Hatred From The Heart.

The Correct Way To Conduct Surah Mumtahina For Marriage

Surah Mumtahina is always initiated in the Hijri Month. So, we have to start it with the foremost Friday of Surah Mumtahina. It is known that whoever narrates Surah Mumtahina on a regular basis, is forgiven for every mistake on the judgement day. 

Next, we need to correctly do the Esha Namaz, as Namaz is the most significant step. After this, we can only begin to do Surah Muntaha. Now, explain to Allah the kind of spouse you need as your life partner. 

After this, it is time to narrate  Surah Mumtahina for marriage “allah ‘aelam bi’iimanihina fa’iin ta’akadtum ‘anahuna muminat fala. Turjaeuhuna ‘iilaa alkufaar fala huna yahilu lilkufaar wala yahilu lahuna alkufaar”

Meaning- “If you determine that they are sincere believers, do not send them back to the disbelievers. They are not lawful (wife) for the disbelievers, nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them”

Surah Mumtahina Wazifa

In Ancient times and Muslim history, Surah Mumtahina was recommended as a particular way. To come out of difficult times and obstacles in marriage. Keep in mind that this is only going to succeed. If you have trust in Allah’s judgment and strength. While reading the Wazifa you should be true to yourself. Read Dua To Make Someone Dream Of You.

First, we should chant the Surah Mumtahina, eleven times with complete calmness and sincerity. Next, we need to ask for assistance for marriage in the right way to Allah. You should always make an oath to be positive when in power.

Before beginning this wazifa, pay Sadaqah. Lastly, stay attentive till you don’t get the victory from the Surah Mumtahina.

Some Misconceptions About Surah Mumtahina

Instant Results- People you must have seen around you who expect immediate results from the Surah Mumtahina or any other Surah. The thing is, it is not a magical procedure that will you instant results.

Not thinking about compatibility- Many people see all other factors in a person, but they ignore the compatibility. Ever depend on anything without considering the compatibility in different zones.


Surah Mumtahian is not the only way to reach the spouse. This is only an inspiration and the remainder of the qualities you have to look for in your lifemate. The way of searching for a partner with both spiritual and practical efforts and genuine prayers is such a crucial part. Always remember that Allah’s plan is good, and you must depend on his guidance when you look for a decent mate. 

Surah Mumtahina’s first step is making the person love you. After this, you can win their heart, with care and attention. Then you can move this particular process towards the marriage. 

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