Powerful Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Forever

On a daily basis, we meet a variety of people, some of them are excellent and others are not. We don’t mean that all people in the world are cruel but also few are there who are actually selfless. Wazifa to Destroy Enemy Forever is for the people who are too troubled by their enemy. These are people who just want to see others struggling in their life and also can’t see anyone happy in their life. 

Plenty of individuals in life make fun of us, and we are genuinely touched by it. We start feeling helpless if we don’t get a solution to any problem. Hence, we don’t have a solution to it and our whole day goes in a bad mood. If you do this Wazifa, your adversary will be destroyed very shortly.

Special Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Forever

Enemies are the people who don’t like you and can do anything for their selfishness and benefit. As their only motive is to destroy you in any way. If any of your enemies have tried to harm you in any way either emotionally, physically, or mentally. 

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You don’t have to take it lightly as all these effects on your life can destroy your life completely in the future. Here is the remarkable Wazifa that will help in every possible way to move ahead or destroy your enemies:-

  • The First step is to recite Durood Sharif almost 101 times which is going to give you benefits in the future. 
  • The Surah Ikhlas is the next to be recited, 111 times. 
  • But remember you must be properly hygiene as you are before doing namaz. 
  • The day when you have to start doing Wazifa is Thursday.
  • Don’t have any kind of confusion related to your objective of performing the Wazifa. If your goal is to destroy your enemy then it must be only that only, nothing else except that.
  • Start relying on Allah, and invoke Allah before and after performing the Wazifa. Because it is the only remedy to stay away from your enemies and get success in life. 
  • At last, again performed Durood Shareef 101 times. 

Wazifa will not only help you to destroy your enemy but also give you the power to solve your daily life problems. And help you to solve problems.   

Dua That Must Be Performed With Wazifa 

When you are working in a particular field, you keep growing in it. But everyone around you is not happy with your growth. Several people feel jealous and can’t see you growing. So, always we have to try to stay away from them. 

Furthermore, when we get success, that feeling is not expressable. But some evil eyes make us feel insecure, we have to cure such people. Read dua for getting married soon for this.

  1. First, we need to have fresh ablution and then narrate the names of Allah as much as we can.
  2. Ask someone to serve you a glass of water & then recite “Allah Husammad” 111 times. 
  3. Next, we need to read Surah Yaseen to keep you away from all the enemies around you. 
  4. “Bismillahil-lazi la yadhurru ma’asmiHi syai’un fil ardhi wa la fis-sama’i wa Huwas-Sami’ul ‘Aleem”– Read this dua 121 times.
  5. At the end of this dua, ask Allah to fulfill all your wishes with lots of emotions. 

You will face many problems in life where your enemy will provoke you. At that point in time you may know them and would not be able to control your anger. And say something that is not advised to say. Yes, anger is very natural but we have to control our words & we don’t have to give any benefit to other people. Your frustration should be inner you and be communicated via the devotion you demonstrate when reciting the Wazifa. Read dua for husband to love his wife only for this.

Cures For Staying Away From Enemies

If you perform Wazifa to destroy the Enemy forever, then your enemy will be punished by Allah. If we punish someone then all those things are added to our sins. So, it is better to perform Wazifa and wait for Allah to take revenge from your side. Your enemy will start suffering from different conditions soon because of all the mistakes that he or she made with you.  Also, read surah for success by clicking here.

Always take care if you are aware of your enemies & never wait for them to fire you. Start staying away from them timely, if you are not able to do this then stay rude to them and ask them to stay away from you. 

For example, you are in a business that never earns any kind of money that is illegal. Never give a chance to Allah for adding any kind of Sins in your life. 

This Wazifa will help you find all your enemies and your true friends. Never commit any kind of habit that is considered haram. Because Allah may not complete any of Wazifa or dua. 


This effective Wazifa to Destroy Enemy Forever will help you in all ways. And soon you will see that your enemy is destroying you day by day and they are not able to do anything with you. They will be busy with their own problems and will not get any time to pay attention to you. 

If you carefully follow all of the recommendations in this post, you will be able to keep yourself secure and protected from such persons in the future, preventing any troubles and problems in your life. This can also assist you in resolving various challenges and problems in your life including finances and marriages. 

We just don’t have to lose hope and keep working on ourselves each day. Our Allah is there to take revenge on people who are troubling us and making our lives hell. If you want to achieve, you must have complete confidence in God as Allah is the ultimate savior. Check our blog for more.

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