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Dua to Get What You Want

Powerful Dua to Get What You Want

A very good morning/noon/evening, to all the people present out here. Are you in the search of Dua to get what you what? Then yes you are in the right place guys, we are always here to help you in any condition, today we are here with the most believed, trusted, and effective dua for you, Dua to get what you want. That will help you to get whatever you what in your life. 

Sometimes, we work so hard for our goals but are not able to achieve them, that time only dua for us. Yes, it’s not a dialogue but it’s the truth of life. If something that we really want desperately and not getting that, then yes it is the dua that only works at that point in time.

Many of us already know dua is the power that is used by many of us, and this dua we have performed personally, as well as so many many people, is genuine and effective. So, don’t worry about the result, this will get you whatever you wish to have in your life. 

Some Important Guidance Before You Initiate the Dua

  • Ensure that you have made proper and right Wudu before you start this dua.
  • Turn your face and body in the direction of Kibla.
  • Always perform Dua with your heart and emotion, and have full concentration while performing it.
  • Begin it, after consuming the Zamzam Water.
  • We have to conduct this dua, in the actual Hallah way and there should not be anything related to black magic in your mind.
  • We should not have any kind of inappropriate purpose or any bad thoughts against anyone.
  • Wear light-colored clothes when you perform the Dua.

Almighty Dua for What you Want 

  • Keep in mind, you should conduct this dua after Salah.
  • Meanwhile, for 7 times read Durood Sharif.
  • In the next step, chant “La Ilaha IllAllah Anta Subhanka Inni Kuntoo Min-al-Zalamin”, 111 times
  • Do repeat the step of Durood Sharif.
  • Now, ask Allah to complete your wish very soon.

Carry out this dua at least for three days, Inshallah we give you whatever you want in your life. Do conduct it with proper instructions, and the end result is assured.

Another Most effective Dua to Get what you Desire

There are many things in life that we wanted to have in life, but it is beyond our reach. If we want a promotion in our position, and you have done so many efforts to get it, but you are not getting it then Dua is the only solution, working people understand, what we are talking about. 

In our life, not only does hard work matter but also mater in our luck and destination, and we know Dua is the only blessing we have that can change our Destiny and Luck. 


Walk up and take shower before sunrise, and wear beautiful decent clothes.  Accomplish Rakat Nafil Namaz which is really important, dua is incomplete without this. Next, the step narrates Durrod-E-Awal approx 51 times not less than this. In last step, read the proper Dua i.e. “Subhaanallaahi, Walhamdu lillaahi, Wallaahu ‘Akbar”.

Wazifa for Getting What We Want?

  • Primary, do this Dua after reciting Durood Sharif 21 times, before and after the Wazifa.
  • Now tell Allah whatever you want in your life, without hesitance.
  •  Finally, chant  for 151 times “Ya hayyu ya qayyum birahmatika astaghees”.
  • And make sure you are doing it without any tension in your heart and mind, you have to perform it relaxed mind.

Special Wazifa for Immediate Results

Is there anything you want desperately, and can’t wait for it? Then this Wazifa is especially for you. This Dua will allow you to get the best one for you in life, and within no time, what else you want. So, it is extra special Dua, please don’t let any left if you did then it may harm you somewhere in life. If you can do this then only go for this Wazifa.

 In this Wazifa, the foremost thing we want is a red pen and blue color paper. Afterward, put down the desire on the paper, the desire you have in your life, in proper handwriting. Overlap the paper, and place it in front of you. Now recite 121 times, it from Quran –  “Ya Wahabo”.

Don’t Use this for any something bad in your life or other life. There are a lot of consequences after it.

Rather you Ask Allah for Something that is Impossible

If you Ask Allah for something that is impossible, then no worries, we are children of Allah, and we can ask for anything. If there is something in your heart then of course, without any fear, hesitation, or delay, and free from all the stress, you can ask Allah to fulfill all those things. 

Allah can fulfill all the things, that is even impossible because Allah has all the power and we can make it possible just by performing Dua. So, just have devotion to Allah, and they can complete whatever you wanted and for what your life is incomplete. 

Allah always makes sure that their children always stay happy and have a cheerful life. They only wish to make our future bright and the best for us. It may be possible, that we have taken a lot of bad decisions for us, but it is impossible that Allah will take any wrong decision for us. 

What does Allah want, while you perform the Dua?

Allah wanted to make sure that you just have faith in them and do perform dua for a specific thing. You should not have, any kind of confusion about what actually you wanted from the dua. Furthermore, make sure you are executing the right Dua. 

As there are many websites on the internet, so many different kinds of Dua’s are given, and you have to select the perfect one that will really work. So we are here to give you the best and most genuine dua, performed by thousands of people and also conducted personally by us, you can blindly trust us and go for it.

Precaution before Performing Dua for What you Want

  • Girls or Ladies, please do not conduct dua if you are on your monthly periods.
  • If you want any kind of help then, ask someone who had years of experience performing the Dua.
  • Never, get trapped in Black magic, it is a sin according to Allah, so be aware of that.
  • In case you did any kind of wrong step, then make sure you have to start from step one.
  • Keep in intellect, till you are carrying out the Dua, don’t let anyone know that you are performing Dua for what you want.
  • If you don’t have light-colored clothes, then wear clothes in which your body is fully covered even cover your legs also.

We have mentioned all the possible ways to get what you want, then you can go will this dua and get the best outcomes to form this. The outcomes all depend on how you perform this dua, and how much purity you have in your heart and mind. Perform it as per the given number of days mentioned above in each Wazifa and dua, don’t perform it in a discontinuous manner, as it will not work. And for any query or assistance get in contact with

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make this Dua for everything and anything?

Yes, for sure, this dua is for everything whatever you wish but the only condition is it should not be for bad things. The feeling & emotions should be 100% pure then only results will be there of making Dua. For getting success in your field, for happy married life, and for a successful full future ahead in your life.

How Allah will know what actually we wanted?

If you want Allah to know everything, then you have to show faith in them, they will choose the correct path and track for you, so just have some patience.

How much time it will take to get the best results?

It all depends on the desire you have if it’s something big it may take time and you will have the supreme result, that you have not even expected. If the thing you wish can be completed soon, then obviously Allah will not take time, to fulfill it.

What is the importance of performing dua for what we want?

The important part of this Dua is anyone can perform it for anything they wish to have in their life. You can do it for a promotion in your office, a better result on your exams, for your marriage, & many other things. It’s a great opportunity, if you don’t get any kind of dua for a particular thing then you can definitely for with it.

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